Again! ATOM Chem-E-Car Team Winning International Competitions

On Sunday, 14 May 2023, the ATOM CHEM E CAR Team at Universitas Brawijaya won another brilliant achievement in the 2023 Indonesia Chemical Reaction Car Competition (ICRCC).

In the competition organized by the Surabaya Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, the ATOM Nawasena Team won 2nd place.

The team consists of Muhamad Irfan, Putu Audley Divania Putri, Nabila Oktavia, Fajar Adianto Aribowo, Desty Octavianti, and Mayland Faizal Al Chuzamy.

Chem-e-car Juara 2 International Competition di ITS Surabaya (1)Under the guidance of Ir. Bambang Poerwadi, M.S., and Supriyono, S.T., M.T., the ATOM team excelled and became finalists with 15 other teams after going through a series of concept car prototype selections.

“The whole team was asked to show the advantages of their respective prototypes in front of the judges and participants,” explained one of the team members, Mayland.

The ICRCC itself, he continued, is an international competition for undergraduate students to design and build a prototype car driven by a chemical reaction that will safely carry a certain load a certain distance and stop.

“This competition aims to demonstrate the ability of participants to control chemical reactions,” he added.

Before the race stage, there is a Test Run stage, where each team is given time to calculate how much chemical is needed so that the car can go and stop by itself.

On race day, each team is given the opportunity twice to drive their car. The value taken is the best value of the two experiments.

ATOM Nawasena carries the concept of a pressurized gas-based chemical car that is filtered using an air regulator filter, then moves the piston, which is assisted by a mechanical roller valve to run smoothly in moving the car.

The power source used to produce pressurized gas comes from the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide assisted by the presence of a catalyst to speed up the reaction.

From this concept, the ATOM team completed the challenge in second place and echoed the ATOM Jargon, ‘Act like a champion, be a champion’ on the podium.

“With this achievement, hopefully in the following year, the Atom Chem-e-Car Team will continue to make achievements and become the best,” hoped this class of 2021 student to represent the team. [HumasFT]

Chem-e-car Juara 2 International Competition di ITS Surabaya (2)