Three Students of International Relations Achieve International Achievement at NTU Singapore

Best Delegate, Aura Azzahra Adriesa

Three UB International Relations students won the title of Best Delegate and Best Position Paper at Nanyang Technological University Singapore Model United Nations (NTU Singapore MUN) 2023.

Aura Azzahra Adriesa, Hilya Azzahiya, and Khirqa Adavya Anaslama won international achievements in their first year of study.

Nanyang Technological University Singapore Model United Nations (NTU Singapore MUN) 2023 is a prestigious United Nations (UN) assembly simulation conference for young people from around the world.

For Hilya, the council that she joins is called ILO (International Labor Organization) which focuses on worker/laborer issues of international scope. Meanwhile, the council that Aura and Adavya participated in was called UNEP or the United Nations Environment Program.

“This is the UN council whose work focuses on the field of sustainable environmental use, including how to reduce climate change,” explained Aura, Thursday (6/4/2023).

As students who have advanced to become individual delegates for this event, the three of them feel that the NTU Singapore MUN 2023 competition is not only a prestigious international competition. But it was also an event that brought him together with new friends from abroad who gave the three of them encouragement, inspiration, and the opportunity to self-evaluate, especially for the three’s debating and diplomatic skills in the next opportunity.

“To be honest, the MUN time was very tiring since we talked and discussed topics for three consecutive days from morning to evening. But it’s all worth because we can experience conversations that are full of useful material, understand world issues, have good diplomacy, get to know many people to expand our network,” added Adavya.

However, despite their achievements, the three admitted that the process was not easy to carry out. They must manage their time and priority scale as best they can, to research the background of the Peruvian country they are delegating, several speech drafts, debate motions, to solutions that can solve the issues that will be debated when the conference is held.

“The point is we have to be able to play a very very active role in every discussion, we have to be able to lead and guide the direction of the discussion, continue to make debate motions, be dominant, be able to diplomacy and negotiate, to give each other feedback in every discussion with other delegates, so that whatever we convey can be accepted by other countries,” she said.

The three of them also gave tips for other students who want to start achieving achievements. Some of the most important ones include allocating time as wisely as possible, making priorities, and getting to know one’s own physical and mental abilities.

“Additionally for 2022 students, try to find a lot of information on competitions from friends, faculties, associations, both inside and outside the classroom. Expand relations, discussions, or consultations with them, because each of them must have their own motivation, “concluded Aura. (Alif/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)