‘Tetenger Bumi’, UB Plants 59 Trees at Kediri Campus

UB Rector Carrying Out Tree Planting Symbolically in Tetenger Bumi Event at UB Kediri Campus

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) planted 59 fruit trees from the archipelago at UB Kediri Campus. This activity was carried out at the Inauguration of Kediri Campus II Lecture Building, Wednesday (12/01/2021).

The tree planting activity which is named “Tetenger Bumi” is one of a series of activities for the 59th UB Anniversary which targets to plant 1000 trees.

Tetenger Bumi PIC,Tibyani, S.T., M.T said that he had prepared 59 unique, exotic, and rare Indonesian fruit plants to be planted in UB Kediri Campus area. These include mundu, kepel, duku, mango, musangking durian, bawor durian, kiojay mango, manalagi mango, purple kenitu, and breadfruit guava.

“This Tetenger Bumi is like leaving a good mark on the earth. Planting trees is an effort to conserve water, trees, forests, and the environment, in order to pass on a legacy to our younger generation,” said Tibyani.

In addition to various kinds of plants, UB also provides fertilizer created by startups by FILKOM students and Faculty of Agriculture UB.

“In the future, we will create an Internet of Thing (IOT) Garden Food or IoT-Based Fruit Garden. With this technology, we can control the irrigation, humidity, and monitor soil acidity. So, this activity is included in community service with multidisciplinary knowledge that we apply in Tetenger Bumi 59 UB,” said the FILKOM lecturer.

Previously, Tetenger Bumi had been carried out in Krajan Hamlet, Ngantang District (30 October 2021), Telon Alas Kedampul Hamlet, Duwet Village Tumpang District (18 December 2021), Mrican (25 December 2021), and Dadap Wetan Hamlet, Bendosari Village, Pujon District (8 January 2022).

He hopes that Tetenger Bumi can cooperate with the Ministry of Environment, and become a national program for environmental conservation. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]