Elected to East Java Regional House of Representative, Sociology Student Becomes the Youngest Council Member

Student of the Department of Sociology, FISIP, Brawijaya University, Bima Rafsanjani Rafid was elected as a member of the East Java Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) for the 2024-2029 period in the 2024 general election. Moreover, at only 21 years old, he will become the youngest member of the East Java Regional House of Representatives

To FISIP Public Relations, Bima said he is only 21 years old.

“For the East Java Regional House of Representatives, it is true that I am the youngest among those elected,” said the man born 21 years ago, Thursday (4/4/2024).

Bima Rajsanjani is competing in the 2024 Legislative Election through the Gerindra Party. He fought in 4 Electoral Districts of East Java (Banyuwangi, Bondowoso, Situdondo). Even though he is a newcomer, Bima was able to get 78,656 votes.

“Honestly, the number of votes was beyond my expectations. Because my calculations are actually still below that,” he said.

Moreover, according to Bima, this result made him defeat an incumbent who had previously been a member of the East Java Regional House of Representatives for the 2019-2014 period.

“In the 4 electoral districts of East Java, there are 9 seats “Well, from those 9, 8 of them were incumbents who passed again and I beat 1 other incumbent,” explained this FISIP student Class of 2020.

Bima admitted that his young age made him and the voters closer. “Voters want innovation and a new vision and mission for their region. Because for them, if there are young people, they can have the same thoughts and frequency,” he said.

The Beginning of Submitting for Legislative Candidates

Bima Rafsanjani grew up in a political family. His father, Ir Sumail Abdullah was also elected as a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives for the 2024-2029 period. However, for Bima, that was not the main factor in choosing to become a legislative candidate.

“I see democracy in Indonesia is increased. Many young people are now being attracted to become legislative candidates. Moreover, there is a demographic bonus now since 60 percent of voters are Gen Z and millennials,” he explained.

“It is not surprising that many political parties recruit young people. “From that, I became interested in registering as a legislative candidate,” continued Bima.

Even though he is considered as beginner, Bima dared to run in the East Java Regional House of Representatives contest and of course had to compete in a wider area. Bima admitted that he chose this path because he felt challenged.

“Indeed, beginners usually only progress at the district/city level. But if elected, they will only represent 2 or 5 sub-districts. I think if I advance at the provincial level I will be able to do more, especially in the 3 districts of Banyuwangi, Bondowoso and Situbondo,” he explained.

Encouragement from the community, said Bima, also became a motivation for him who then dared to run in the East Java Regional House of Representatives election contest.

“I manage the community’s encouragement as encouragement to try things that many outsiders might think would be impossible if they went straight to the provincial level,” he stressed.

Today, Bima is just waiting for his inauguration. For him, after the inauguration, his performance will certainly be highlighted by the public. Therefore, he is committed to maintaining the integrity, principles and promises he once expressed.

“Of course, if I can’t keep my promises during the campaign, I might not be elected again in the future,” he stressed.

The Role of Campus in His Career

Bima admits that the knowledge he has gained from the Sociology Department has equipped him for contesting.

“Because Sociology teaches us how we in society can interact socially, build closeness with the community so we can gain their trust,” he explained.

“How can we attract groups of people with different religions, beliefs, cultures, and that’s where the knowledge or formulas I got while studying at UB Sociology came from,” continued the man from Banyuwangi.

Therefore, Bima expressed his gratitude to the Department of Sociology and FISIP UB because of several suggestions from the academic community during the campaign process he carried out were able to be well carried out.

Bima’s success in winning a seat in the East Java Regional House of Representatives certainly made him want to share tips if there are academics at FISIP who also want to pursue a career in politics. One of the keys according to Bima is a strong mentality. In addition, he also reminded us about social investment.

“Social investment is the most important, so that we can be better known and can make many positive contributions to society, and the public will also know what we want to do in the future,” explained the man who will soon be 22 years old.

Bima admits that the social investment that has been invested has now brought the results. He also did not deny that he spent other capital to compete in the last election.

“I am who I am now not because I feel great, but I can be who I am now because of my friends who have supported me a lot. Honestly, in terms of capital, maybe I am the lowest. Therefore, the social investment that I planted can finally bring results and become a trust for me to become a people’s representative at the provincial level,” he stressed.

Hence, Bima hopes that academics not to hesitate to fill political posts. Because according to him, with the provision of knowledge in the academic realm, intellectuals can become leaders or politicians, so that in the future democracy in Indonesia can develop in a better direction.

“Of course, then we can together come up with the substance of political education that is more intelligent and inspiring, not just from the rhetoric alone. This is because society hopes to have a politician who has good qualities, seen from his insight and intelligence, and is a visionary into the future,” said Bima Rafsanjani. (UB PR/ Trans. Iir)