UB Tennis Court Won A Gold and Three Bronze at the East Java POMAPROV

The event of the East Java Province Student Sports Week (Pomprov Jatim) 2022 for the tennis court branch has been successfully held at Universitas Brawijaya (UB).

The activity is carried out for four days at UB Sport Center Tennis Court.

Playing the categories of male single, female single, male doubles, female doubles and mixed doubles.

The top party in each category will be held on Sunday (27/3/2022).

In the top party, UB places one representative in the mixed doubles category, namely the pair of Dika Nanda Permatasari and Andi Muhammad Nasution.

This pair faced a mixed doubles pair from the Ten November Institute (ITS), namely Bramila Shofia Nenden and Agsulikin Kasih.

The match was quite tight in the party which was also held at the end.

Dika and Andi started the match in less than optimal. They made their own mistakes several times, so that they were left behind with a score of 0-2 and 2-4 from ITS mixed doubles.

Dika and Andi continue to strive maximally not to give up and catch up.

Their struggle finally paid off by equalizing 6-6 and then turning things around and ending the match with a score of 8-6.

From the results of the mixed doubles, UB got gold in the Pomaprov event this time. In total, UB managed to collect one gold and three bronze in this tennis court branch.

The following are the results of the winners in each tennis court category: Male Singles: 1st winner Agsulikin Kasih (ITS), 2nd winner Septian Eka Candra (UPN), 3rd winner Andi Muhamad (UB) and Ahmad Febryan Najib (UNEJ). Female Singles: Cartika Wisesha Dew (UNIKA), second place winner Bramila Shofia Nenden (ITS), third place winner Shilvia Audy Phetricia (UNITOMO) and Sephia Sapta Widyantono (Univ. Kanjuruhan).

Male Doubles: 1st Winner M. Farhan Sidiq Abdillah-Septian Eka Candra (UPN), 2nd Place Edwin Rochmad Mendiota-Dicky Novianto (UM), 3rd Place Zydan Fahrey Budiana-Adam Zulva (UM) and Moch Nur Fiqih-Bisma Rasendria (ITS ).

Female Doubles, 1st winner is Nabilah Syifasari Zahra-Dewinta Kusuma Arsyant (ITS), 2nd winner is Nabila Kusumaning N.W-Tria Anggarini (UM), 3rd winner is Reza Kartika Putri-Viviani Lutfiah (UB). Mixed Doubles, first place winner is Dika Nanda Permatasari-Andi Muhammad Nasution (UB), second winner is Bramila Shofia Nenden-Agsulikin Kasih (ITS), third winner is Reza Kartika Putri- Aditya Pratama Atmadja (UB) and Annisa Ayu Adibah- Edwin Rochmad Mendiota (UM) ) [ponda/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]