UB Educational Staff Participate in Google Speadsheets Training

UB Educational Staff takes Google Spreadsheets Training

The Directorate of Information Technology, Brawijaya University (DTI-UB) held Google Spreadsheets training for UB Educational Staff. This activity was held over four meetings, from 11/14/2023 to 11/23/2023 at DTI Laboratory.

“This training was held to increase digital literacy of human resources at UB, especially in terms of using Google Spreadsheets to support daily work in terms of data processing,” said Agung Wicaksono, S.S., S.Pd as PIC of the training.

The training was attended by 122 educational staff from various faculties, directorates, institutions and work units at UB. The material provided includes preparing data, processing data using logical formulas, analyzing data using Lookup formulas and Pivot tables, visualizing data through charts, as well as connecting data and visualizing data in Looker Studio.

This training is guided by Refo Indonesia with interactive online learning.

Agung explained, this is the first time this Google Spreadsheets training has been held. However, DTI UB has held various trainings such as Google IT Admin training for system administrators at DTI, Google Classroom for lecturers, Google AppSheet for PSIK and staff, BNSP office application training and certification for staff, as well as Mikrotik training and certification for PSIK.

Meanwhile, the training that will be carried out is the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam for students, Google Boothcamp for AI for lecturers, Google Workspace for Education Leaders for leaders, and others.

“All of this training is held in order to support UB’s digital transformation into UB Digital & AI Campus,” he concluded. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]