FISIP UB Alumni Gathering: Stay Connected, Building Synergies

Alumni Gathering of the Department of Communication Sciences FISIP UB in Jakarta

The Department of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Brawijaya University (FISIP UB) held an Alumni Gathering entitled “Stay Connected, Building Synergies” in Jakarta, Friday (24/11/2023). This activity was held as an opportunity to synergize to develop networks with FISIP UB Communication Science graduates.

Present at this event was the General Chair of the Central Management of UB Alumni Association (IKA), M. Zainal Fatah and the Chair of IKA UB DKI Jakarta, Deny Hariyatna.

“We hope that through this activity, we can produce the output of forming communication expertise compartments in the government, private sector, start-up, BUMN/BUMD, and media,” said M. Zainal Fatah.

Head of the Department of Communication Sciences, FISIP UB, Prof. Rachmat Kriyantono, PhD was also present to give a speech. He said that this alumni meeting was projected to bring the alma mater closer to its alumni.

“FISIP UB Communication Science graduates are expected to contribute building a campus with various synergies according to their fields of expertise, including completing tracer studies,” he said.

In the tracer study assessment, the team collected data on the distribution of alumni professionalism, graduate user satisfaction, and participation in contributing to develop the quality of the institution.

“The main point is participation in contributing to developing the quality of the institution,” emphasized Verdy Firmantoro as the tracer study team of the Department of Communication Sciences, FISIP UB.

Verdy said that apart from staying in touch across generations, the participants were also very enthusiastic in providing constructive input for the campus. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]