Examining the Benefit of Trembesi Leaves, UB Students Wins the Second Place of NECSC 2023

Trembesi tree (Samanea saman) is a large tree that grows fast and gives a lot of shade. This tree is easily recognized by its canopy-like shape at the top and is a shade plant with various benefits. One of them is utilizing Trembesi leaves as an air filter that can reduce carbon emissions.

Hafiz Okta Ramadhan

Taking advantage of this, Hafiz Okta Ramadhan from the Faculty of Agriculture processes Trembesi leaves into adsorbents to reduce air pollution problems. “I chose Trembesi leaves because the potential of these leaves to absorb carbon is higher than other plants, but it has not been used much,” he said.

Trembesi leaves, according to Hafiz, are processed before being used as an adsorbent. “The leaves are mashed first, then mixed with other materials such as paper pulp so that they become solid and can be attached or formed with a circular ram wire with a diameter of 5cm, then heated to make it denser,” explained the Batch 2022 student.

“I want to make an air filter because I am worried about the increase in world carbon emissions. So, I offer Ecomission as an air filter solution that can reduce carbon emissions. In addition, from the literature I read, in a year, the Trembesi tree alone can absorb 28,488.39 kg of carbon dioxide. This is also the basis for why I chose this leaf as the main ingredient for the filter,” explained Hafiz.

This technology will help maintain public health. Reducing the level of air pollution from carbon monoxide gas, can be part of realizing the 7th goal of SDG’s 2030, namely clean and affordable energy (affordable and clean energy). Reducing air pollution levels caused by Ecomision’s innovations will also make the environment and energy used by society cleaner and more affordable.

“Ecomision can realize the 13th goal of SDG’s 2030, namely climate change management (climate action). Air pollution and the effect of the greenhouse effect will be reduced, thereby helping to keep the world’s climate stable,” he concluded.

For research on the benefits of trembesi leaves, Hafiz won 2nd place in the National Energy Climate and Sustainability Competition (NECSC 2023) held at the University of Indonesia, which was submitted directly by the Minister of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia. (VQ/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)