Researching Work Safety, Brings Syifa to become UB Youngest Graduate

Syifa Khairunnisa, S.T., Youngest Graduate of 8th period

Occupational health and safety, especially in the oil and gas industry, plays an important role in the continuity of daily routines. K3 provides guarantees to workers regarding security and environmental health and safety for workers. Its ideal application also reduces or even minimizes the occurrence of work accidents, environmental damage and other things that can affect the production process.

Learning the ins and outs of work environment safety seems interesting to Syifa Khairunnisa, S.T. Syifa is an alumna of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University. Her interest in the world of K3L has been around since in 4th semester, when she first studied this subject. “I also realize how important occupational health and safety aspects are, especially in the oil and gas sector, which was inspired by my father who also worked in this industry,” she explained.

This Jakarta-born virgin then developed these two topics into her final work in completing her studies at Brawijaya University. “This topic is what makes me most curious and interested in researching more deeply. In addition, there are many work accidents at oil and gas drilling sites, and I am also interested in contributing in the efforts to reduce work accidents at oil and gas drilling,” said Syifa.

In her research, Syifa used the Root Cause Analysis method to find out the problems of each type of work accident. She also combines this method with the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) model to determine the priority criteria for factors causing work accidents and assist in the decision-making process in oil and gas companies. “In my opinion, these two methods can be applied in offshore drilling and other industries

Syifa started studying at UB at the age of 16 after participating in acceleration activities during junior high school in Kuala Lumpur and high school in Jakarta. She was able to complete his final assignment within six months. Apart from actively attending lectures, during college Syifa was also active in developing soft skills. She was a laboratory assistant in the Ergonomics, Work Design and Product Innovation Lab, FT UB, and was also active in various committee and student association activities.

“I have concerns and anxieties about whether I will be able to mix with friends who are older than me. But, then I realized that it was all just overthinking, and finally I had the courage to develop my abilities and take advantage of opportunities to develop myself,” she said.

Asked about her family, Syifa said family support was important. Syifa is the youngest of two siblings. Her mother and older brother are doctors, and her father works for a national oil and gas company. “I faced many challenges in completing college, but because of the support and prayers from my family, I was able to complete college with enthusiasm,” explained this bespectacled student.

It was proven that she was able to complete his final assignment in one semester, and received a Bachelor of Engineering degree at the age of 20 and received cum laude. Syifa is the youngest graduate of Brawijaya University in 7th period, who will be inaugurated on Saturday, January 13 2024 at the Samanta Krida Building. (VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)