Researching Algae, FPIK Collaborates with University of Szczecin, Poland

International Webinar World Class Professor (WCP) Program with the topic “Algae: Biodiversity and Benefit”

Algae is a natural resource that has a lot of potential, from improving the ecosystem by reducing carbon dioxide, as a medicine for human health, fertilizer and animal feed, to its role as a renewable energy resource, such as biofuel or biodiesel. Therefore, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FPIK-UB) in collaboration with the University of Szczecin, Poland held an International Webinar World Class Professor (WCP) Program with the topic “Algae: Biodiversity and Benefit”, Friday (02/10/2020 ).

The Head Executive of UB WCP Program, Prof. Ir. Yenny Risjani, DEA, Ph.D said, this WCP program is the second, but for the first time it is being held online because of the pandemic. The first WCP program was conducted in 2019 in collaboration with the University of Normandy France.

“The cooperation between UB and the University of Szczecin itself has been done before, which is in the collaboration of a consortium of 13 countries which is also in the field of Algae. In the field of algae, we have conducted joint sampling in several places in Indonesian waters, of course from the sampling results it would be a shame if it is not followed up in publications or seminars, therefore, we follow up in this WCP program, “said Prof. Yenny.

This webinar aims at expanding the reach of knowledge transfer and applied science from the field of Marine Microalgae (Marine Diatom) delivered by foreign and internal speakers online to academics, they are lecturers, students, and researchers involved in this activity.

In addition, it is also expected to improve the quality and quantity of international publications in reputable journals (Scopus Q1 or Q2), expand international networks and increase the competence of lecturers in the field of marine microalgae / marine diatoms both in research and in writing.

This webinar was opened by the Vice Rector for Organization, University of Szczecin, Prof. Kinga Flaga-Gieruszynska, Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, M.S, Vice Director for Science of the Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences Prof. Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak, and the Dean of FPIK UB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Happy Nursyam, M.S.

Meanwhile, the presenters who attended were Prof. Ir. Yenny Risjani, DEA, Ph.D, who delivered the material “Algae, a Promising Sustainable Resources from Marine Ecosystem”, Prof. A. Witkowski with the material “Comparison of Diatom Assemblages in Terms of Interregional Differences”, Prof. Yunianta with the material “The Potency of Brown Algae as Marine Drugs Raw Material”, and Dr. Alexandra Golubeva with the material “Valuable Product of Cultured Microalgae”.

“In this cooperation, it is possible to collaborate in other fields. For example, we will conduct joint supervision for the S3 or S2 fields. They have offered if there are master students who will research in the same field, “concluded Prof. Yenny. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]