Vegetative Propagation Technique of Ornamental Plant as an Effort of Community Empowerment

The Handover of Social Assistance to the Community Affected by Covid-19

The Lecturer Team of Environmental Resources Laboratory (SDL) FP UB held community service activity as an empowerment effort in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic related to skills regarding vegetative propagation techniques of ornamental plants.

This service activity is one of the efforts of FP UB SDL Laboratory to support the implementation of village program towards Bokor tourist village.

Photo with the Community Service Team, Village Officials and Community Service Participants

Vegetative propagation of ornamental plants is one of the plant propagation techniques that is carried out by utilizing plant parts such as roots, stems and leaves. Vegetative propagation of plants is considered efficient enough to be carried out, considering that generative propagation using seeds often experiences problems in terms of the availability of planting material. Vegetative propagation is also able to reproduce plant seedlings faster than generative propagation. Propagation of ornamental plant commodities will be easier and faster if it is propagated vegetatively.

This community service activity consists of several stages of activities, namely survey and observation, training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation.

The training event was held at the Hall of Bokor Village, Tumpang District, Malang Regency. The service partner is a member of PKK Bokor Village.

This team is chaired by Kartika Yurlisa, SP., M, Sc. and consists of Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudiarso, M.S., Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurul Aini, M.S., Dr. Ir. Sitawati, M.S., Dr. Ir. Titin Sumarni, M.S. and Dr. Ir. Cicik Udayana, M.Si.

The strategic location of Bokor Village, which is on the route from Malang City to Mount Bromo via Tumpang, makes this village has the potential to be developed into a tourist village.

This community service activity is one of the efforts of FP UB SDL Laboratory to support the implementation of the village program towards Bokor tourist village.

The Training activities are carried out offline and online, by implementing health protocols in a disciplined manner related to the ongoing pandemic conditions. Offline activities are carried out in the form of limited Trainer of Trainer (TOT) training and are attended by 10 PKK members, while online activities are attended by lecturers of SDL FP UB Laboratory.

The Head of Tumpang Sub-district, Drs. Sukarlim, MSi. welcomes this community service activity.

He said that universities play a role in supporting the formation of community welfare which is also programmed by the government.

This service activity is in line with Malang Regency national program as a national integrated special area.

In his speech, the Head of Bokor Village, Arianto, said that Bokor Village still needs technical guidance from FP UB as an effort to empower the community.

“With this community service activity, it is hoped that it will be able to support the implementation of Bokor Tourism Village program,” he said.

The speaker of the community service activity, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurul Aini, MS. said that Bokor Village has the potential to be used as a tourist village, besides its strategic location, it is also supported by adequate natural and human resources.

The establishment of Bokor Tourism Village can play a role in greening the environment and can improve people’s living standards.

The training activity ended with the practice of ornamental plant propagation. The practice is carried out by PKK members, accompanied and guided by lecturers and several students from FP UB.

The practical activity has succeeded in increasing 38 tillers from 9 types of plants through the techniques of propagation of leaf cuttings, stem cuttings and separation of tillers. After the training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation will be carried out from the community service team.

The community service team also carried out social services to the people of Bokor Village who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, by handing over 40 social assistance packages to communities affected by the pandemic.

The social assistance packages in the form of foodstuff. The provision of the social assistance package is a form of concern of SDL FP UB Laboratory to the people of Bokor Village, to reduce the spending on families affected by the pandemic through partial fulfillment of food needs and providing food ingredients with more balanced nutrition. (kya, zma/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)