Vaccination Target for UB Students Reaches 95 Percent

Vaccination targets for Universitas Brawijaya students reached 95 percent or 4663 of the 5000 vaccine targets provided.

The Chairperson of UB Vaccination, dr. Muhammad Anshory, Sp.PD explained 4663 was the number of vaccine recipients for four days (6/8-9/8/2021) with details on the first day 817, the second day 715, the third day 1297, and the fourth day as many as 1834 vaccine recipients.

“To reach the number of participants which are less, we are trying to re-inform either through social media or electronic messages,” he said.

Anshory added that in order to finish the remaining vaccines, there is a plan to reopen for the second batch but regarding the implementation, his party is still unable to confirm.

The vaccine used for four days was AstraZeneca with a dose of two injections with a span of 12 weeks.

Anshory hopes that more participants will come to do the vaccine.

“By running 3M and vaccination, hopefully the chain of COVID spreading can be broken,” he said.

The provision of this vaccine is intended for students, communities and family members around UB. Previously, IKA UB also vaccinated students at UB Dieng Campus several time ago. (OKY/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).