Target of FISIP Students of IISMA Awardee: Study in Europe to Write Thesis in Australia

As many as 12 FISIP UB students have successfully qualified to become the 2023 Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) Awardees at various universities in various countries, such as Italy, Hungary, France, Chile, Australia, Spain, to the United States. This number is the highest in Universitas Brawijaya.

Tasya Rahmani Puspa Pertiwi, a Psychology student at FISIP UB succeeded in becoming an IISMA Awardee at the University of Szeged Hungary this year. For her, attending IISMA is a means to develop her academic experience and make this opportunity as a new challenge to do something outside her comfort zone before graduating from college.

“After seeing the courses offered and the environment, I felt that I was the right fit to study at Szeged University. My initial goal was also to study in Europe. In terms of ranking, the University of Szeged also has a good ranking and reputation. So, finally I decided to choose Szeged University, “said Tasya Wednesday (3/5/2023).

She said that the basic thing that needs to be prepared is determination, because the stages of IISMA are quite long and challenging in terms of duration, enthusiasts, and things that are out of control. For the purposes of the English Proficiency Test, Tasya uses the Duolingo application and YouTube account “Teacher Luke”, because it can help her to know what types of questions and answers to do on Duolingo.

Besides Tasya, International Relations student Lalu Ladeva Alfusa’idu Karman is also an IISMA 2023 Awardee at the University of Pisa, Italy. The choice of this student who is often called Deva fell on the University of Pisa because his academic period suited him.

“Then the University of Pisa is in Italy, incidentally I am also doing research and the focus is on Europe. The University of Pisa is also included in the Top 400 campuses in the world, and one of the oldest campuses in the world,” he added.

Not only Deva, Viona Angel Gloryka Sianturi, International Relations student also took advantage of this IISMA 2023 opportunity for the purposes of her thesis research.

“At the Australian National University, it will most likely help me to find information regarding the topic of my thesis which examines a trilateral defense pact belonging to Australia, Britain and the United States (AUKUS),” she explained on the same occasion.

In addition to English Proficiency Test, essay preparation was considered crucial for the three of them. From Tasya, for example, she feels that essays are also one of the strong selection materials at IISMA.

“While working on my essay yesterday, I asked some friends to proofread my essay. I came to know that I can add or subtract my writing through them. In fact, I can also predict whether IISMA will understand enough of my essay or not because later those who read our essays themselves don’t know us,” explained Tasya.

It’s different with Deva who actually volunteered for IISMA last year, and finally this year he just managed to realize his dream of studying in Europe.

“So my message to other friends is to learn from mistakes, increase experience and connections so that when writing essays you have more comprehensive value. So, for friends who have just joined IISMA, try asking the Awardees to find out what the mechanisms are like, to the tips and tricks,” continued Deva. (Uli/Alif/Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)