Tantri Dena Ambiko Got the Title of Best  Intelligence of the East Java Cultural Ambassador 2021

UB Vocational Student, Tantri Dena Ambiko Got the Title of Best Intelligence of the East Java Cultural Ambassador 2021

Young age is not a barrier for Tantri Dena Ambiko to learn and introduce the culture of her native region, Tuban. Reflecting on the many cultures in Tuban which management is still not optimal, this Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Vocational student is motivated to join the East Java Cultural Ambassador 2021, and succeeded to win the title of Best Intelligence for the East Java Cultural Ambassador 2021.

She participated in this event through selection, quarantine, elimination, written test, aptitude test, and online interviews for one month, until the grand final at Hotel 88 Surabaya and BG Junction Surabaya with strict health protocols, on Saturday (12/06/2021).

“I am very grateful and did not expect to become the Best Intelligence of East Java Cultural Ambassador 2021. This is due to the preparation which is very close to Final Examination, so more focus and enthusiasm are needed to balance the two,” said the Hospitality Management student batch 2019.

Raising the culture of Tuban, Tantri, as he is familiarly called, feels that the young generation of the nation in the modern era is on the verge of cultural literacy which is still less massive. “For example, the Gedhog Tuban Batik, which is still often considered as ancient clothing. Actually, through a more fashionable and elegant design, it can create the impression of Batik Gedhog as a trendsetter while at the same time being able to build SMEs for batik craftsmen and local tailors. Therefore, cultural acculturation is needed according to the era without forgetting the cultural identity of the Archipelago, Indonesia,” she explained.

Tantri Dena Ambiko, Student of Hospitality Management, Vocational, UB.

The girl who was born in Madiun, April 4, is actively participating in various competitions and won various achievements. There were 2nd place in the 2017 National LKTI Writing Contest, Best Favorite Gemarikan Ambassador, East Java Tuban 2018, 2nd place in the 2018 Residential Music Band Creation, 2nd place in Tuban Memories Solo Singing Contest, and 2017 Tuban Smart Test Winner.

Tantri hopes that young people will continue to actively hone their skills and never be shy about introducing culture as a national entity. “If we don’t start, who will?” she said.

With the title of East Java Cultural Ambassador 2021, Tantri together with the other East Java Cultural Ambassador Team will carry out several work programs that have been proclaimed to contribute to the management of East Java Culture. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]