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Simbiot, IoT-Based Typhus Detection Innovated by UB Students

Typhoid fever or more commonly known as typhus is a disease caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi. Typhus is still often found in developing countries located in subtropical and tropical areas such as Indonesia. Data on typhoid fever infection in Indonesia is quite high, reaching 500 cases per 100,000 population per year. Symptoms include prolonged […]

MoU UB dan UQ

Collaborating with Queensland, Rector Explains the  Concept of Herbal Medicine and Global Health

Local knowledge should stand side by side with modern knowledge, especially in terms of health. This concept was conveyed by the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Widodo, S.Sos., M.Si., PhD MedSc during his visit to the University of Queensland, Australia. During his visit, the Rector presented an idea entitled “From Roots to Remedies: Can Traditional […]

Monev Daring SAK UB

The 2023 SAKIP Evaluation, SAK UB Obtains GOOD (A) Predicate

The Performance Accountability Unit (SAK) of Brawijaya University on Monday (27/11) carried out an online evaluation of the Government Agency Performance Accountability System (SAKIP). This evaluation is an effort to account for performance during the 2023 performance period. Every government agency is required to carry out SAKIP evaluation as a form of bureaucratic reform within […]

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