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Stage 2 Vaccination for the Lecturer and Education Staff of FILKOM

Lecturers and education staff of the Faculty of Computer Science UB have carried out the second stage of vaccination in Samantha Krida Building, Universitas Brawijaya, Saturday (21/8/202). This vaccination program is organized by the university in collaboration with Universitas Brawijaya Polyclinic and Teaching Hospital. As many as 1700 vaccination participants attended in that day consisting […]

The Last Day of IKA UB Jakarta Vaccination Center Collaborates with PSF and IDI EMT Reach 3000 Doses

Jakarta 16/8/2021 – The vaccination center in collaboration with IKA UB, Pancoran Soccer Field (PSF), and IDI EMT has officially ended. This vaccination acceleration program has been held since Monday, August 2, 2021 at PSF, South Jakarta for 10 days. There are more than 300 participants who registered through IKA UB link, while the total […]

UB Hospital Provides 341 Sinovac Vaccines for the Health Workers and Employees

Along with the vaccination program at UB Clinic, Universitas Brawijaya Hospital (RSUB) also carries out Covid-19 vaccination program for health workers and their employees. This vaccine program starts on Monday (1/2/2021). More than 300 vials of Sinovac serum have been provided for health workers and RSUB staff. According to the Public Relations of RSUB, M. […]

Increasing Protection, UB Clinic Starts Vaccinating the Health Workers and the Employees

As an effort to intensify the promotion of the Covid-19 vaccine, Universitas Brawijaya Clinic started vaccination activities today. A total of 51 vials of Sinovac vaccine have been provided by UB Clinic to be injected to the health workers and employees on Monday and Tuesday (1-2 / 2/2021). According to the Director of UB Clinic, […]

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