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UB : The 2024 State Univesrsity Student Selection is More Accountable and Fair

The student selection to enter state universities (PTN) in 2024 is accountable and fair with the aim of making prospective students more responsible in choosing study programs. Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Brawijaya University (UB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, MP in Malang, Monday said that the systematic implementation of the 2024 PTN Student Selection […]

UB Held Internal Monitoring and Evaluation of National Selection Academic Year 2023/2024

After successfully carrying out the selection of new student admissions through the national selection, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) once again held an annual Evaluation Monitoring to discuss the administrative process and reporting of SNBP activities (achievement track) and UTBK (test line). This activity was held for three days, (26-28/05/2023), at The Singhasari Resort, Batu. Some of […]

39.842 SNBP Registrants Choose UB

A total of 39,842 registrants chose Universitas Brawijaya on the Achievement-Based National Selection (SNBP) way. This amount, said Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso MP will compete for the 5,497 seats provided for the 2023 SNBP route. A total of 39,842 consisting of 26,814 (67.3 percent) placed UB in the […]

FMIPA UB Opens Data Science Study Program

Approaching the admission of new students for the 2023/2024 academic year, Universitas Brawijaya through the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has added a new study program, namely Data Science study program. This study program was established on February 22, 2022 and is under the Statistics Department. According to the Head of Data Science Study […]

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