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Murwa Niti Darma Begins Reyog Brawijaya’s Journey in 2024

In an effort to strengthen cooperation with the regional government, Brawijaya University, through the Dance and Karawitan Activity Unit, held a meeting with Ponorogo Regency Government. Through the routine agenda at the beginning of the year “Murwa Niti Darma”, Reyog Brawijaya is collaborating with Ponorogo Regency Government for the next year. This activity was attended […]

Penyerahan Piala Presiden kepada Pembina Reyog Brawijaya

Reyog Brawijaya Wins General Champion of FNRP 2023

Reyog Brawijaya again won 1st place and won the President’s Cup at the 2023 Reog Ponorogo National Festival (FNRP) which was held in Ponorogo (18/7/2023). This activity was held again, within the framework of Grebeg Suro, after previously being absent during the pandemic. This year, Reyog Brawijaya assigns 113 personnel, consisting of 2 choreographers, 1 […]

Reyog UB Competes in the 2023 Reyog Ponorogo National Festival

Reyog Universitas Brawijaya once again participated in the 2023 Reyog Ponorogo National Festival. This time the Reyog festival was held on the Main Stage of Ponorogo City Park (Sunday, 16/7/2023). UB team that competed in Reyog festival consisted of 113 students consisting of 42 women and 71 men. Reyog UB will compete with 28 reog […]

One Decade, Reyog Brawijaya Produces Five IPRs

As an educational institution, Universitas Brawijaya does not only prioritize academic abilities, but also develops talent interests, especially in the field of regional arts. One of the achievements achieved by UB in this field is the success of getting 5 Intellectual Property Rights, in this case it was won by the Musical and Dance Activity […]

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