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Foto Tampak atas hasil Elektrokoagulasi

Cross- Faculty Students Design Pollutant Reduction Tool of Porang Waste

Five cross-department students, namely Lia Anggraeni (FTP), Azra Syaura Azzafira (FTP), Ikhlas Muhammad Sabilly (FT), and Ahmad Shobri Ardiana (FT) under the guidance of Joko Prasetyo, S.TP, M.Si collaborated to design a tool to reduce calcium oxalate from porang processing waste industry called Amorpho Coagulation Tech. Shobri, one of the team members, explained that Amorpho […]

Foto Tim Berada di Lab memakai jas putih sedang melakukan Purifikasi Bakteri

PKM Team Examines Bacteria from the Digestive Tract to Reduce Pesticide Residue Levels

The PKM Exact Research Team consisting of Muhammad Dimas Priyastomo, Aisya Rahma, Aqila Aziz, Rachmad Pratama Fauzi, and Muhammad Abdul Lativ together with supervisor Luqman Qurata Aini, SP., M.Si., Ph.D. researching the potential of indigenous bacteria isolated from the digestive tract of H. armigera or Pulat plants as bioremediation agents which can be an effective […]

Foto Mesin Pengayak

Students Create Calcium Oxalate Reduction Technology Tool for Porang Flour

Collaboration of students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP), Faculty of Engineering (FT), Faculty of Agriculture (FP), and Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) created a tool used to reduce porang flour and calcium oxalate crystals with a filtration system using mesh and vibrating screen) at a certain speed to filter calcium oxalate crystals using […]

Foto ASELEN diperagakan oleh Model

ASELEN, an IoT- Based Asthma Monitoring and Therapy Tool

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have caused major health problems globally, causing more than 40 million deaths worldwide in one year. Asthma is a major non-communicable disease (NCD), affecting both children and adults. Inflammation and narrowing of the small airways in the lungs causes asthma symptoms, which can include a combination of coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath […]

Foto Protype PuriFish

PuriFish, Heavy Metal Decontamination Technology for Fishery Commodities

Problems regarding heavy metal pollution in food fisheries commodities have often been encountered, especially in fish and crustaceans such as shrimp and shellfish. This correlates with the development of the industrial era 4.0, where many anthropogenic and industrial activities dump waste in the surrounding waters, thus having an impact on environmental sustainability. This can be […]

UB Students Create Monitoring and Therapy Device for Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Sufferers

Currently, technology continues to develop and provides more and more conveniences that humans can experience, one of which is in the world of dentistry. However, currently in Indonesia, public awareness about diseases in the realm of dentistry is still lacking. People often underestimate this, one of which is TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder), a temporomandibular disorder characterized […]

Foto Penerapan GlukoSipp

GlukoSipp, A Device to Control Blood Sugar for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes mellitus is a non-communicable disease caused by a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar levels. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2021, Indonesia will be the country with the 2nd highest death rate from diabetes mellitus in the world. Indonesia also ranks 7th with a population of 10.7 million people suffering […]

Foto Design DERING

DERING, Smart Headband to Prevent Disability in Epilepsy Patient

A total of five students across departments from Electrical Engineering and Medicine at Brawijaya University created a brain wave detection tool based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can prevent disability for epilepsy sufferers.   Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain’s electrical activity that can occur in everyone and at various ages. Even though seizures […]

Foto Kemasan LAGA GEMPA

LAGA GEMPA, Disaster Marker Light from UB Students

Four students from the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT UB) have a new innovation, namely LAGA GEMPA (Earthquake Ready Lights) as an Automatic Early Warning System in earthquake zone areas. Team leader, Yusuf Yuaniar explained that these findings could help people save themselves more quickly from the dangers of earthquakes. “With an alarm sound […]

Foto "SENGGOL". Sedotan dari Bonggol Jagung

Cross- Faculty Students Make Straw from Corn Cobs

Five Brawijaya University (UB) students discovered an environmentally friendly straw made from corn cobs called “Senggol“. Shalsa Amalia (Statistics), Lisa Asaliontin (Statistics), Razika Natania (Agricultural Industrial Technology), Atha Malika (Chemistry) and Aprilita Aurelia (Chemistry), under the guidance of Dra. Sri Wardhani, M.Si., developed an edible straw innovation made from corn cob waste as an effort […]

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