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Ilustri pengisian baterai pada kendaraan listrik

Oyster Shell Waste as an Alternative Material for Batteries

A team of students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) discovered the potential for oyster shell waste to be used as battery material for electric vehicles. This discovery is called Crossta Battery. The team consisting of Ahmad Multazam Abdan, Ahmad Syarwani, Izza Lailatul Kasanah, Zainurrohman Prastomo, Uray Keisya Ranaputri and guided by […]

Assistance in Processing Red Guava Derivative for Disabled Communities

PKM is a Student Creativity Program held by the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia to encourage students to develop the potential of Indonesian students by studying, developing and applying the science and technology they have learned in lectures to wide community. […]

Foto Siswa SMPN Satu Atap Gunungsari 04 Sedang Melakukan Meditasi

PKM Team Launches SMART CBE Program to Reduce School Dropout Rates

A total of five Brawijaya University students who are members of the Student Creativity Program (PKM) team in the field of Community Service (PM) are presenting new innovations as an effort to reduce school dropout rates with partners at SMPN One Roof Gunungsari 04 Batu City. The team with advisor, Radityo Putro Handrito, SE., M.M., […]

Foto Saat Pengolahan Sampah Plastik

 PIKO Team Help TPS Tumpang Lestari to Change Waste into Fuel

Waste has always been a very serious global problem and has often become a hot topic, especially in recent years, including in Indonesia. It is recorded that waste production in Indonesia always increases every year. Reporting from the DPR RI website, in 2021 the volume of waste recorded in Indonesia will reach 68.5 million tons. […]

Foto Desain GreenSmart Living

GreenLiv Smart Building: Rancang Bangun Peternakan One Farming System Berbasis IoT dan Ai Menuju

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Ketersediaan jumlah lahan di Indonesia berkaitan pada ketahanan pangan Indonesia yang berpotensi krisis pangan. Untuk itu, dibutuhkan inovasi teknologi dalam mengatasi peningkatan produksi bahan pangan. Guna menunjang peningkatan kebutuhan pangan, diperlukan adanya penerapan bangunan yang berkelanjutan agar menjadi solusi untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan hidup. Melihat hal itu, tim […]

Foto Design Alat MIFO

MIFO Created by FTP Students Help Partners to Handle Fish Deaths Due to Fungus

Fish is a major food source that is widely consumed by Indonesian people. Of course, there are many types of fish, including seawater fish and freshwater fish. Freshwater fish are usually widely cultivated by Indonesian people, especially in Malang area. One of the trading businesses that manages freshwater fish cultivation in Malang area is UD […]

E-Molar, an IoT Based Electric Bamboo Toothbrush and Machine Learning

In an effort to improve the dental health of Indonesian children, a new innovation has been introduced by four young innovators at Brawijaya University (UB) in the Student Creativity Program (PKM). Starting from their concern about children’s dental health in Indonesia, the prevalence of cavities in early childhood is still very high, reaching around 93 […]

Smart Belt with Infrared Technology, an IoT Based to Relieve Dysmenorrhea

One of Brawijaya University (UB) teams consisting of Latifa Khoirunnisa, Alfin Shidqi, Azizah Irbah Nur Mustafa, and Queen Qamaril Qolby A. T (Faculty of Medicine) and Beni Febriansyah (Faculty of Engineering) had the opportunity to present their research innovation proposal in the Student Creativity Program (PKM) this year. The team chaired by Latifa Khoirunnisa brought […]

Remote Control Shallot Sprinkles to Support Millennial Farmers

The Student Creativity Program (PKM) is a form of implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education which was launched by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology under the management of Belmawa. This year, Brawijaya University (UB) became the university that successfully received funding for PKM 2023 with a total of 112 proposals. […]

Foto Mahasiswa Disabilitas Tuna Netra Memakai VISMATE

VISMATE, Blind Assisting Tool in Communication and Mobilization

Five students; Beni Kurniawan (Electrical Engineering), M. Dwi Nur Afini (Electrical Engineering), M. Rashannaufal G (Electrical Engineering), and M. Bintang Saktya (Information Systems), and Vieri Faturrahman, (Electrical Engineering) were supervised by Ir . Nurussa’adah M.T., created a tool called Visual Mate or VISMATE which can be an alternative for blind people with disabilities in communication […]

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