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UB Holds Training on Financial Recording Application for Household and MSME

The Service Team of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University in collaboration with Permanu Village Government, Pakisaji District, Malang Regency, held financial recording training for households and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to provide the knowledge and skills needed by the community, so that the community has an understanding of the importance of […]

Saniskara, Batik Fashion Innovation Preserving Indonesian Culture for Young Generation

In this modern era, globalization has had a significant impact on the lives of Indonesian people. As time goes by, the lifestyle of Indonesian people is shifting towards a modern direction. This resulted in the old culture being displaced by foreign culture, thus forming a new culture in Indonesian society. This is what makes our […]

UB Students Discover Plant Based Sandwich Cookies Innovation for Degenerative Disease Sufferers

Five Brawijaya University (UB) students, members of PKM-K (Entrepreneurship) team, namely Mochammad Pramuji Ekojati (FEB), Muhammad Fahmi Fayzul Haq (FEB), Annisa Fitri (FIKES), Sandrina Aulia Sari (FP), and Videlia (FIKES) were guided by Rahma Micho Widyanto, SSi, MP (FIKES) discovered an innovative plant based sandwich cookie product called MOTANA which is useful as support therapy […]

Optimizing Apple Rind, FP UB Students Make Tea from Apple Peels

Apples are one of the leading commodities of Malang Regency/City which are widely processed into foods such as chips. However, most of the food industry only uses fresh fruit, so apple peels are considered useless waste. This apple rind can be processed because it contains ingredients that are good for the body. In additiion, processing […]

SUN-B an Innovation Product to Support Healthy Pregnant Women Movement to Prevent Stunting

Stunting is still a common enemy that we have not yet resolved, not only in Indonesia but also in various countries in other parts of the world. The Indonesian government is trying to reduce stunting rates through the healthy pregnant women movement. Based on the results of the Indonesian Nutrition Status Survey (SSGI). In 2022, […]

FKG UB Students Create Elastic Chewing Stick, Therapy to Prevent Facial Asymmetry

Various dental and oral health problems often arise due to habits that are considered trivial. One of them is the habit of chewing using only one side, either the right or left side. The habit of chewing on one side can cause an abnormal chewing system which over time will cause many bad effects. Some […]

Xphyllum Nanospray Inhaler: New Solution to Treat Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Millions of people, including children and adults suffer from this disease. Asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing and chest pain can interfere with a person’s quality of life. Treatment for asthma can be oral, parental and inhalation. The therapy that is widely […]

Mycelium Innovation, Tissue Culture Method, Raw Material for Making Environmentally Friendly Plastic

One of the problems that Indonesian society still faces is waste. Of the 70 million tons of waste, as many percent is plastic waste. In Indonesia, plastic waste is still considered difficult to recycle. Plastic itself is still classified as the main need of Indonesian society so the use of plastic cannot just be stopped. […]

Dari UB Untuk Jakarta, Solusi Revolusioner Atasi Ancaman Polusi Udara

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Polusi udara telah menjadi ancaman yang serius bagi kehidupan masyarakat DKI Jakarta. Sebagai salah satu kota metropolitan terpadat di dunia, Jakarta memiliki masalah polusi udara yang tergolong cukup parah. Kendaraan bermotor yang jumlahnya terus bertambah, industri yang berkembang, dan pembangunan yang pesat, tentunya sangat berdampak pada peningkatan […]

MetaVisor, Membantu Penyintas Pelecehan Seksual dalam Pemulihan PTSD

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. MetaVisor, sebuah gagasan platform inovatif karya mahasiswa Universitas Brawijaya (UB) guna membantu rehabilitasi PTSD bagi para penyintas pelecehan seksual. Gagasan ini menghadirkan sebuah solusi konstruktif yang dapat mempermudah aksesibilitas penyintas pelecehan seksual untuk mendapatkan pelayanan rehabilitasi. Tim PKM Fakultas Ilmu Komputer (FILKOM) UB yang terdiri dari I […]

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