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Golan Mirah Traditional Prohibition as a Conflict Resolution Based on the Local Wisdom

Polarization due to different political views often occurs because of the 2019 presidential election. At that time, people’s political views began to split into two groups which caused social conflicts. This phenomenon has not only happened recently. In the ancient times, the polarization also occurred in the Golan and Mirah Villages, depicted in the Golan […]

FCS UB Students Visualize Regional Legends into Batik Motifs

Tengger is the name of an area in the highlands of Mount Bromo. The people of Tengger still adhere to the traditional values which are manifested in the implementation of traditional ceremonies, such as the Karo, Kasada, and other ceremonies. Besides, the community also has the main source of income from the plantation and agricultural […]

Architecture Students Create Healthy Air from Coconut Waste

The need for clean and healthy air is an absolute thing in human life. In this era, humans are increasingly protecting themselves to prevent exposure to pollutants, especially when doing outdoor activities. However, without realizing it, the air in the building has the potential to contain various pollutants that are susceptible to being inhaled by […]

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