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MMD 1000 Desa Beri Edukasi Warga Tentang Lumpy Skin Disease

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Desa Candirejo, Desa Ngrendeng, dan Desa Gadungan merupakan desa yang terletak di Kabupaten Blitar, Provinsi Jawa Timur dan berbatasan dengan Kabupaten Malang. Sebagian besar masyarakat di desa tersebut memiliki mata pencaharian sebagai petani dan peternak. Mayoritas komoditas pertanian yang mendominasi adalah buah nanas, sedangkan pada sektor perternakan […]

MMD Introduces Eco Enzyme Production in Jatiguwi Village, Malang Regency

Students Build 1000 Villages (MMD) carried out an introduction to make eco enzymes in Jatiguwi Village, Sumberpucung District, Malang Regency. This activity invited the Association of Farmer Groups (GAPOKTAN), Women Farmer Groups (KWT), and representatives from the Agricultural Extension Center (BPP). This socialization activity was carried out by Rica Sa’ida, Agricultural Technology student, Faculty of […]

Students, Residents, and Lumajang Forestry Service Plant Trees Together in Sidomulyo Village

The MMD 521 group carried out a tree planting action together with Lumajang Forest Service Branch. Taking place at the tree planting location on Joli Reservoir which is one of the water sources in Sidomulyo village, the event was the result of collaboration between MMD 521 group, the village community and Lumajang Forestry Service Branch. […]

Students Help Enliven Islamic New Year Celebration 1 Muharram 1445 H in Mbodo Hamlet

In commemoration of the Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1445 H in Mbodo Hamlet, Ngebruk Village, Sumberpucung District, Malang Regency, a special event was held which lasted from morning to evening. This event was attended by all residents of Mbodo Hamlet, including children, teenagers and even adults. In addition, the 132 Brawijaya University MMD 1000 […]

Students Help MSME to Obtain Halal Certification Easily and Quickly

In order to encourage and support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to obtain halal certification, the Students Build Village (MMD) Group 345, which consists of Brawijaya University students, held an education and outreach program regarding halal certification at the Resapombo Village Hall. This event was attended by 32 MSMEs from the region. From the […]

Bookkeeping of the Origin of Bogoarum Village by the Students Build Village Group 853

Students Build Village Group 853 in Bogoarum Village carried out a social initiative by immortalizing the origins of Bogoarum Village through bookkeeping activities. This activity aims to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of Bogoarum Village and provide a deeper understanding of the rich cultural roots in the community. With a spirit of togetherness and […]

Students Introduce Jasuke as Simple but Nutritious Food

The group of Students Build Villages (MMD) 853 Universitas Brawijaya (UB) introduced simple nutritious food in collaboration with the students of Bogoarum 2 State Elementary School in the creative activity “Practice Making Jasuke Together” to increase understanding of the importance of healthy eating patterns from an early age. This method is part of the MMD […]

UB Students Change the Way of View of Kedungmentawar Elementary School Students on Agriculture

Kedungmentawar Village, which is located in Ngimbang District, Lamongan Regency, has an area that is mostly rice fields. The majority of the population work as farmers. However, most young people in Kedungmentawar Village prefer to work in other ways or migrate outside the area rather than working as farmers. Based on this problem, the 940 […]

Training on the Making of Bomb Eggplant Food Innovation Product with Pilanggede Residents Bojonegoro Regency

Students of the MMD 1000 Villages Universitas Brawijaya held a work program entitled “Training Based on Increasing Local Resources in Making Eggplant Commodity Innovation Processed Products”, Wednesday (12/07/2023) to make a positive contribution to the local community regarding increasing local resources (eggplant) in making the innovation products Based on the potential exists in Pilanggede Village, […]

Students Initiate Paguan Village Owned Enterprises , Bondowoso Regency

Student Build Village Group 626 held outreach and deliberations related to “Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) Initiation in Paguan Village” at Paguan Village Hall so that an agreement was created by the village community to establish BUMDes in accordance with Government Regulation Number 11 of 2021. This activity begins with the socialization of the establishment of […]

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