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Zero Waste Village Brings Rachel to Win Achievement in Achieved Student  

Rachel Priscila Wulan Purnomo, 2020 Political Science student managed to bring home the title of 3rd Place of Achieved Student (Mahasiswa Berprestasi) Universitas Brawijaya 2023, Monday (10/4/2023). The annual competition which is held by UB itself is an event for selecting the Main Achievement Students as UB’s representatives in the National arena later. As a […]

Nasem Amar Syamlan dari Fakultas Kedokteran sebagai Mawapres Utama

Nasem Amar Syamlan, UB Outstanding Student from the Faculty of Medicine

Nasem Amar Syamlan, a student of the Faculty of Medicine was selected as the Main Outstanding Student of Universitas Brawijaya. The process of announcing UB Outstanding Student was held on Monday (10/4/2023) in the Rector’s Building, Universitas Brawijaya, and was attended by several judges and Vice Dean for Student Affairs in the faculty. In his […]

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