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LP3M Held Workshop on Curriculum Preparation

The Institute for Educational Development and Quality Assurance Universitas Brawijaya (LP3M UB) carries out curriculum preparation activities, at Tugu Hotel, Wednesday (17/11/2021). The activity is carried out in the form of a workshop with the theme of Outcome Based Education Perceptions of Curriculum Equalization for All Study Programs in UB. The activity was opened directly […]

Diversity School by Warga Karta Study Group FCS UB

The study on the issue of citizenship and multiculturalism encourages the lecturers of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) as the members of the Warga Karta Study Group, in collaboration with LP3M UB, to organize the Diversity School. According to the head of Warga Karta Study Group, Dr. Hipolitus K. Kewuel, this […]

UB Psychologist: Online Lectures Arise Four Problems for Students

Online lectures raise four categories of problems faced by students, namely academic, personal, family, and social, said UB Psychologist, Ari Pratiwi, S.Psi., M.Psi. “Indeed, students have separate problems, ranging from anxiety to stress,” said Ary, in the Guidance and Counseling Training Webinar for Batch II Academic Advisory Lecturers, Wednesday (18/8/2021). Academic factors, for example, students […]

Ari Pratiwi: Use the Term “Toxic” Wisely

After successfully holding Webinar Series #1 some time ago, Universitas Brawijaya through the Student Counseling Service Team again held Webinar Series #2. This time, the team which is directly supervised by the Center for Academic and Professional Education Development (P3AP) UB Educational Development and Quality Assurance Institute (LP3M) raised the theme “Toxic Relationship: Between Me, […]

LP3M Provides Guidance and Counseling Training for PA Lecturers

The Center for Professional Education Development of LP3M Universitas Brawijaya (UB) carries out virtual guidance and counseling training activities, Monday (16/11/2020), with the aim of improving the ability of academic supervisors. The activity was carried out virtually through Zoom application and opened directly by the secretary of LP3M Ir, Didik Suprayogi PhD. Starting the activity, […]

PJM Gelar Seminar Online Penyusunan LED dan LKPS

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Pusat Jaminan Mutu (PJM) UB menyelenggarakan Seminar Online Series, Kamis (5/11/2020) Seminar Online Series ketiga ini mengusung tema “Strategi Penyusunan LED dan LKPS Menuju PT Unggul”. Dibuka secara resmi oleh Prof. Dr. Aulanni’am DES selaku Wakil Rektor Bidang Akademik UB, seminar diikuti sekitar 200 peserta dari perguruan […]

Tim Doktor Mengabdi Bangun Taman Baca di Kampung Glintung

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Tim Doktor Mengabdi LPPM bekerjasama dengan Kampung Glintung membangun taman baca sebagai fasilitas komunal dan edukasi di pemukiman warga yang berlokasi di jalan Letjen. S. Parman Gg. IV-VI RW 23, kota Malang, Jawa Timur tersebut. Pembangunan taman baca di Kampung Glintung sebagai salah satu langkah awal untuk […]

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