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Lima Dosen Raih PWMI Award

Five Lecturers Achieve PWMI Award

The 2021 KMI XII event ends on Friday (11/19/2021). At the end of the agenda, the winners of all competitions that became part of the series were announced, including the PWMI (Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Assistance) Award. Five selected lecturers received the PWMI Award. They are Novrizal Primayudha (Bandung National Institute of Technology), Nirmalasari Idha Wijaya […]

Director General of Higher Education: Don’t be Afraid of being Jobless If You can be an Entrepreneur

Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Ir. Nizam, M.Sc., DIC., Ph.D Plt. convey that college graduates do not have to worry about being jobless or not having a job if they can become entrepreneurs. According to him, with entrepreneurship, students can become creative people without losing their bachelor’s degree. This […]

Hundred Universities Enliven the 2021  KMI Expo XII

As many as 251 universities in Indonesia participated in Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Competition (KMI) Expo XII 2021 which was held for three days (17/11-19/11/2021). KMI Expo aims at showing student products that are ready to be marketed both online and virtual at the booths that have been provided. The 251 universities that participated in the […]

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