Beauty Product for Plant and Plant Owners at Booth 1 KMI Expo

If beauty care products are mostly intended to humans, it is different for the team from Universitas Brawijaya in the 2021 KMI XII Expo. This group consisting of four brands, provides care products and outfits, for humans and plants, in one booth at once. Mask.uy Kefir for example. This product uses cow’s milk which is […]

50 Startup Teams Participate in Startup Summit at KMI Expo XII

As many as 50 startup companies from universities throughout Indonesia participated in the Startup Summit at Universitas Brawijaya (UB). This activity is a series of Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Expo XII which will be held from 17-19 November 2021. PIC Startup Summit, Al Dhila Utami said that these 50 participants were recipients of the 2021 […]

UB Held Green Walk of KMI Expo XII 2021

All participants of KMI 2021 carry out a green walk with the leadership of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) to strengthen the relationship and kinship between the participants. Healthy walking activities are carried out in UB on Thursday (18/11). In his interview with Prasetya, UB Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani, AR., M.S. said that the walking […]

Director General of Higher Education: Don’t be Afraid of being Jobless If You can be an Entrepreneur

Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Ir. Nizam, M.Sc., DIC., Ph.D Plt. convey that college graduates do not have to worry about being jobless or not having a job if they can become entrepreneurs. According to him, with entrepreneurship, students can become creative people without losing their bachelor’s degree. This […]

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