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Nizam and Alqam, Achieved Students from UB

Selection of Achieved Student Event (PILMAPRES) of Brawijaya University was completed last Wednesday (20/3). Taking place on the 6th Floor of the Brawijaya University Rectorate Building, the final round of selection brought together 7 finalists from all faculties, both undergraduate and diploma levels. At this stage, each finalist from undergraduate level is required to present […]

Juara III AFC Season 15

UB Delegation Wins the Third Place of KTI Agriculture Food Competition Season 15

The cross-disciplinary group of Brawijaya University’s students achieved another achievement. This time, 1 of the 2 delegation teams won the 3rd place in the Agricultural Food Competition Season 15 Scientific Writing event organized by the Food Technology Student Association of Jenderal Soedirman University, early March. The first team consisted of Dafa Rafi’ul Laudza, Maulidya Zahrina […]

KSR UB dalam WEFACT 2023

KSR UB Wins the General Champion at the 2023 WEFACT, Bali

Brawijaya University students have made another achievement. This time, the Student Activity Unit (UKM) of Brawijaya University Voluntary Corps succeeded in winning five champions in the Warmadewa First Aid Competition. The competition, which was held in November 2023, was attended by KSR-PMI throughout Java and Bali. In this competition, KSR UB sent four people as […]

UB Bekali Penerima KIP Kuliah Dengan pengetahuan Entrepreneur

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Universitas Brawijaya (UB) melaksanakan kegiatan Brawijaya Entrepreneur Festival & Pembekalan untuk Mahasiswa KIP Kuliah. Kegiatan dilaksanakan pada Senin hingga Selasa (30/10-31/10) di Gedung Samantha Krida (Sakri) UB. Salah satu rangkaian acara yang diagendakan adalah membuka bazar wirausaha, dengan mengambil tempat di Gedung Olah Raga (GOR) Pertamina UB. […]

Rector Inaugurates Soft Launching of MTQMN XVII 2023

Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Widodo S.Si, M.Sc, Ph.D, Med.Sc officially opened the soft launching event of National Student Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an (MTQMN) XVII 2023. This year, UB was appointed by the national committee board as the host of the annual MTQ competition organizer between universities which will later be attended by the best caravans […]

UB Becomes the Host of SATRIA DATA 2023 Activity: Increasing Competence in the Field of Statistics and Data Science

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) hosted Ria Statistics competition and Data Science Festival (SATRIA DATA) which was held at the Algorithm Auditorium – Building 2, Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) UB on Monday, 21 August 2023. With the theme “Innovating with Data: Independent Inspires, Creates Solutions, and Builds the Nation”, this event aims to improve students’ competence […]

Introducing Counseling Service to New Students as a Treatment for Mental Health

Sexual violence and bullying, especially in the tertiary environment, is a serious concern for the academic community of Universitas Brawijaya, this problem has a considerable impact on changes in the personality and psychological conditions of students if it continuously occurs and is not prevented directly. Prof. Widodo S.Si, M.Si, Ph.D, Med.Sc as the Rector of […]

Recognizing Student Problems  through Guidance and Counseling Training

Today there are several things that pose a challenge to higher education in Indonesia, namely intolerance, bullying and sexual violence. These problems not only hinder the realization of a conducive learning environment but also cause polemics in student psychology. All three are serious problems in the campus environment that must be prevented by providing understanding […]

Tim Futsal UB

Prompov Men’s Futsal Game,  UB Wins 12 Poins Over Unira

One of the sports competed in the East Java Provincial Student Sports Week (POMPROV) in Jember is Futsal. The futsal team members from UB are strengthened by Ada Muhammad Ashil Septian Alrichsyah, Wahyu Hidayat Nurwahid, Andist Maulana Firdaus, and others. All of them played with totality and extraordinary synergy under the guidance of head coach […]

Shella Aurrelia dan Faqih Mufidah

Combining Hemp Oil and Soybean, UB Students Win Three YPIA Achievements

Another proud achievement was achieved by students of Universitas Brawijaya. At the end of last June, Shella Aurrelia from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faqih Mufidah from the Faculty of Business Economics and Dimas Tri Atmojo from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology became UB’s representatives in Youthpreneur In Action. This competition was organized by Podomoro […]

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