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Pertamina Goes To Campus UB 2023

Directorate of Career Development and Alumni Universitas Brawijaya (DPKA UB) together with PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi (PT. PHE) on Tuesday and Wednesday (16-17/May/2023) held Pertamina Goes To Campus 2023. This activity, which was centered at the Samantha Krida Building, is one of the activities of PT. PHE as an effort in addition to introduce PT. […]

One Decade, Reyog Brawijaya Produces Five IPRs

As an educational institution, Universitas Brawijaya does not only prioritize academic abilities, but also develops talent interests, especially in the field of regional arts. One of the achievements achieved by UB in this field is the success of getting 5 Intellectual Property Rights, in this case it was won by the Musical and Dance Activity […]

UB Sends 32 Teams to the 35th PIMNAS

The Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Widodo, S.Si, M.Si., Ph.D.Med. Sc. officially released as many as 32 UB contingent teams in the 35th PIMNAS 2022 event. This activity was held on Monday (28/11/2022) in the Lobby of the Rectorate Building, and was attended by the Vice Rector and Vice Deans for Student Affairs. Dr. Agung […]

Apatte62 Again Wins 2 Winners in the 2022 KMHE

After successfully winning the title of Champion in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2022 competition, this time, the Apatte62 team from the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya again made another achievement in the 2022 Energy Saving Car Contest. This car competition was held from October 29 to November 4 at the Gelora Bung Tomo Circuit, Surabaya. . […]

UB Marching Band Won the Champions in Raja Hamengku Buwono X Cup

Another proud achievement was brought home by Universitas Brawijaya students. This time, the Marching Band Ekalavya Swara Brawijaya won eight titles in the Marching Band Championship of Raja Hamengku Buwono X Cup 2022. This competition was participated by various marching band teams from various regions in Indonesia. In this competition, according to Fanny Rahmadhani as […]

Preventing Sexual Violence and Bullying, UB Held FGD PPKS

To create a sense of security for the civitas from acts of bullying and sexual violence, Universitas Brawijaya launched the Task Force for the Prevention of Bullying and Sexual Violence. This team is in the Center for Counseling, Prevention of Sexual Violence and Bullying. This team was introduced to the Student Counseling Agency in the […]

Closing of the 16th of PEKSIMINAS, Minister of Education and Culture : Enthusiasm to Keep Trying

The 16th National Student Art Week 2022 has finished. The closing procession as well as the announcement of the winners was held on Friday morning (28/10/2022) lively, at Samanta Krida Building, Universitas Brawijaya. The event was attended by participants, assistants, jury and representatives from the Regional Indonesian Student Art Management Board and the Indonesian Talent […]

34 Pelantun Keroncong Bertanding di UB

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Peksiminas (Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Nasional) untuk tangkai menyanyi keroncong  dilaksanakan di Gedung Ruang Jamuan Rektorat, Universitas Brawijaya. Selama dua hari, 18 peserta putri dan 16 peserta putra akan unjuk kemampuan di hadapan tiga orang dewan juri, yaitu Imoeng Mulyadi Cahyo Raharjo, Uut Salsabila dan Eni Suhartini. Peserta […]

UB Juara Umum PEKSIMIDA 2022

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Gelaran Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Daerah Provinsi Jawa Timur tahun 2022 telah selesai. Penutupan kompetisi minat dan bakat ini dilaksanakan secara hybrid pada Sabtu (3/9/2022) bertempat di Gedung Rektorat, Universitas Brawijaya dan melalui video conference. Penutupan kali ini sekaligus mengumumkan pemenang dari tiap cabang lomba yang di selenggarakan […]

Mahasiswa FPIK UB Juarai PEKSIMIDA Tangkai Menyanyi keroncong

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Peksimida (Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Daerah) Jawa Timur untuk tangkai menyanyi keroncong  dilaksanakan di Universitas Brawijaya, tepatnya di Gedung Ruang Jamuan Rektorat Lantai 6. Kegiatan ini berlangsung selama dua hari, yakni tanggal 29 Agustus hingga 30 Agustus. Adinda Kirana Ramadhanty Putri selaku perwakilan dari Universitas Brawijaya yang mendapat […]

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