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Ferasi, Cocoa Bean Fermentation Machine Created by FTP Students

Cocoa beans are one of the results of plantation commodities in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the main exporters in international trade and placed the third rank in the world’s largest production. This cocoa bean product is certainly familiar to the public’s ears, including in the form of chocolate products, drinks, cakes, or other interesting […]

UB Students Develop an Environmentally Friendly Biodiesel

Four students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) create an Innovation of Ultrasound-based Biodiesel Making Machine Made from Chlorella sp. They are Roy Ardy Colas Napitupulu (Biotechnology 2020), Dafa Nur Isya (Instrumentation 2019), Ratih Dewi (Biotechnology 2020), and Vimala Tirta Putri Thedja (Biotechnology 2020), under the guidance of lecturer Joko Prasetyo. STP, M.Si. This innovation is motivated […]

Beeya, a Sunscreen Made from Purslane Plant by FTP Students

Indonesia is geographically located on the equator, where the sun shines throughout the year. Based on data from OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) 2004–2013, the UV index in Indonesia is at a very high to extreme level with a range 9-14, especially at 10:00 to 16:00, which is the strongest sunlight shining. Based on the literature […]

Doctoral Service Program Facilitates Thematic Work Lecture in Sidomulyo Batu

Sidomulyo Flower Tourism Village, Batu City is one of the tourist destinations in East Java based on local wisdom as an icon of Agro-Industrial Tourism in the development of regional tourism. In 2020, Sidomulyo Flower Tourism Village received support for the development of Flower Tourism Village in Partner Village Development Program (PPDM) from DP2M DIKTI […]

FTP Lecturer Fosters the SME ‘Crispy Mendol’

Malang Regency is one of the regencies that has potential for development in the agricultural sector with several superior commodities, including cassava, sweet potatoes, jackfruit and tomatoes which are widely cultivated. In the effort to utilize these local raw materials as food, it is necessary to have activities that can utilize or process the results […]

FTP UB Wins 33 ARC-ASEAN Medals

A total of 33 medals for the 2021 Agricultural Engineering-Annual Regional Convention (AE-ARC) international competition were won by the Faculty of Agricultural Technology team, Universitas Brawijaya. In the annual event for students in the field of agricultural technology throughout ASEAN which was held online on August 10, 2021, FTP delegation succeeded in obtaining 33 medals […]

UB Lecturer Fosters SME Meru Betiri Oyster Mushroom

The Buffer Village of Meru Betiri National Park is a conservation area where community empowerment activities are carried out, one of which is oyster mushroom cultivation in Kebonrejo village, Banyuwangi district. In 2020, KBJT “Maju Bersama” production of oyster mushroom cultivation received technology transfer from the Doctoral Service Program from Universitas Brawijaya in the form […]

Mahasiswa UB Urai Limbah Agroindustri Menjadi Bahan Baku Biogenik Nanosilika

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Lahir dari keresahan akan tingginya jumlah limbah agroidustri di Indonesia yang tidak dimanfaatkan, Empat Mahasiswa asal Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian, Universitas Brawijaya, menawarkan sebuah inovasi pemanfaatan limbah agroindustri sebagai bahan baku produksi nanosilika berbasis zero waste production. Keempat mahasiswa yang tergabung dalam Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa-Riset Eksakta (PKM-RE) ini […]

DM UB Team Signs an Agreement with Culture and Tourism Office and Sidomulyo Village, Batu

Community service activities of Doctoral Service is one of the strategic activities of LPPM Universitas Brawijaya which is routinely carried out to empower productive community in rural areas. Sidomulyo Village is one of the areas in Batu City that has a sustainable tourism village development program. To achieve this, support from all parties is needed, […]

YOGHURT O NOMU, Yoghurt Nabati berbahan Biji Bijian sebagai Alternatif Diet Sehat dan Aman

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Anisa Nofia, Hanna Syakira, Khairun Nisa, Nur Anisah dan Risma Mareta, lima mahasiswa Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian Univseritas Brawijaya  di bawah bimbingan Wendra Gandhatyasri Rohmah, STP, MP membuat inovasi yoghurt nabati dengan memanfaatkan komoditi biji-bijian di Indonesia untuk mendukung program Gentas (Gerakan Berantas Obesitas) bernama Yoghurt O Nomu. […]

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