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Mahasiwa UB Buat Alat Separasi Nira Tebu dengan Menggunakan Membran Nanofiltrasi

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Lima mahasiswa Teknik Kimia Fakultas Teknik Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) menciptakan alat separasi nira tebu dengan menggunakan membran nanofiltrasi untuk meningkatkan kualitas rendemen pada industri gula merah. Alat dan Bahan yang dibutuhkan untuk alat separasi nira tebu ini adalah akrilik berbentuk bpx balok yang memiliki dimensi ruang panjang […]

Mahasiswa UB Optimalkan Penggunaan Pupuk untuk Padi

UB Students Optimize the Use of Fertilizer for Rice Plant

Indonesia is an agrarian country where most of the people work in agriculture, plantation, forestry, and fisheries. Its natural conditions, fertile soil, are one of the factors that encourage most Indonesian to work in this field. Fertile soil can increase the productivity of cultivated plants. Unfortunately, farmers in Indonesia are still not able to realize […]

Natural Gas Processing Efficiency by Chemical Engineering Students

The dehydration process is one of the important processes in the industrial world, especially natural gas. This process is used to reduce the water content contained in natural gas. Excess water content can have a bad impact on the piping because it can cause corrosion (rust) and the formation of hydrates that can clog the […]

Mahasiswa Teknik Rancang Pusat Kawasan Budaya di Tunjungan Surabaya

Engineering Students Designing Cultural Area Center in Tunjungan Surabaya

Indonesia is a country with a very diverse culture. In 2018, there were 225 Intangible Cultural Heritage recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. However, nowadays the culture of the archipelago tends to be eroded by the flow of globalization, where the linkages and dependencies between nations and between people around the world […]

Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia UB Ciptakan Alat Fermentasi Yogurt

Chemical Engineering UB Students Create Yogurt Fermentation Equipment

Fermented processed milk or commonly known as yogurt is in great demand by the public. Especially in pandemic conditions like this, maintaining health is very necessary while considering nutritional intake. Consumption of yogurt as recommended has many benefits including being rich in nutrients, can be consumed when dieting, being good for digestion, and can even […]

Teknik Sipil UB Tawarkan Limited Edition Mebel dari Kulit Salak

Teknik Sipil UB Tawarkan Limited Edition Mebel dari Kulit Salak

Mahasiswa Teknik Sipil, Fakultas Teknik Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) menciptakan peluang usaha baru yang inovatif dengan memanfaatkan kulit salak sebagai lapisan mebel, Artable. Dibimbing oleh Ir. Eko Andi Suryo, ST., MT., Ph.D.. tim ini terdiri dari Winda Setya Widyasari, Akhmad Reza Irhamy, Eric Ramadhani Asharil Putra, dan Evan Danenda Akbar. Ide ini muncul setelah tim melihat […]

Mahasiswa UB Ciptakan Mesin Pengering Mie Sehat

UB Students Create Healthy Noodle Dryer Machine

Noodles are one type of wheat flour processed food that is often consumed by various groups of people. In its current development, noodles have become the favorite food substitute for carbohydrates as stated by Siswanto as the Head of the Center for Applied Health and Epidemiology Technology. However, noodles are not only oriented in filling […]

Teknik Kimia UB Ciptakan Baterai Mobil Listrik Dari Tempurung Kelapa

Chemical Engineering UB Creates Electric Car Batteries from Coconut Shell

Biochar is a developing technology because it can be used as raw material for making battery anodes. This technology is widely used in electronic devices such as cell phones, camera recorders, and laptops. Seeing this opportunity, four students of Chemical Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (UB) research and develop the potential of biochar made from coconut shell […]

Mahasiswa UB Ciptakan Smart Growth Box untuk Penanaman Microgreens

UB Students Create Smart Growth Box for Microgreens Planting

The increasing population growth has resulted in a change in land use. Many use it as residential areas. Agricultural land is becoming less and less which in turn has an impact on the reduction of vegetable food production. The concept of urban farming began to spread to use narrow land in urban areas to become […]

Mahasiswa UB Kembangkan Bahan Bakar Ramah Lingkungan dari Limbah Plastik

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Tiga mahasiswa Fakultas Teknik Universitas Brawijaya (FT UB) Halifah Salsabila (Kimia), Galuh Wahyu Karti’a (Kimia), dan Fadhilah Al Mardhiyah (Teknik Kimia), dibawah bimbingan Dr. Yuniar Ponco Prananto, S.Si,. M.Sc., mengembangkan bahan bakar ramah lingkungan dari limbah plastik. Fadhila mengatakan limbah plastik berpotensi sebagai minyak bahan bakar untuk […]

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