Lecturers of UB Mathematic Department  Carry Out Community Service in Banyuwangi to Encourage Students for Actuarial Science Interest

Lecturers of the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) carried out community service activities by holding an introduction to the actuary profession for students and teachers of senior high schools (SMA) and Madrasah Aliyah (MA) in Banyuwangi Regency. This activity is part of the 2021-2025 community service road […]

Mahasiswa FK Buat Inovasi Alat Diagnosis Dini Tuberkulosis

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Melihat  tingginya prevalensi penyakit Tuberkulosis di dunia, khususnya di Indonesia. Membuat tim kolaborasi dari lima mahasiwa lintas Fakultas Universitas Brawijaya (FK, FT dan FMIPA) menghasilkan karya inovasi berupa Alat Diagnosis Dini Tuberkulosis yang dinamakan “Micro Be Mate” dan berhasil mendapatkan Medali Emas dalam bidang life science di […]

Micro Be Mate, Alat Deteksi Dini TBC yang Raih Medali Emas

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Tuberkolosis masih menjadi momok bagi kesehatan di Indonesia. Berdsarkan data yang dirilis oleh Global TB Report di tahun 2021 di laman resmi Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia, diperkirakan ada 824.000 kasus TBC di Indonesia, namun pasien yang berhasil ditemukan, diobati dan dilaporkan hanya 48 persen atau sekitar 393.323 […]

Foto bersama mahasiswa Universitas Ritsumeiken

FPIK and FMIPA Students Succeed to Pass the Sakura Program

Four student representatives from Universitas Brawijaya include Ilham Misbakudin Al Zamzami (FPIK UB Postgraduate), Fatmawati Agustina (UB FMIPA Postgraduate), Luthfia Ayu Dhea (UB Coastal and Marine Studies Center), and Roudatul Ibdiah (UB Coastal and Marine Studies Center) took a short course at Ritsumeikan University. Their departure in order to take part in the Sakura Exchange […]

Adi Kurnia Soesantyo, Jonathan Linggadiputra dan Dr. Elvina Dhiaul Iftitah, M.Si.

UB Team Presents Essential Synthetic Method at the 2022 KNMA

The government through the Ministry of Industry is ready to fully support the development of essential oil production in Indonesia. This support was realized by holding the National Conference on Essential Oils (2022) in Semarang from 30 November to 3 December 2022. In this event, two students and one lecturer from the Department of Chemistry, […]

Doctoral Service Team UB Apply Geo-Information for Banyuwangi Coffee

Community service in Kalipuro District, Banyuwangi, has been implemented through the Doctoral Service Programme by the Academic Community of Universitas Brawijaya (UB). The community service aims to increase public knowledge about the connection between plants and their environment. The aspects are related to geographical conditions that form the basis for strengthening coffee products based on […]

 FMIPA Students Find Mercury Detection Method in Withening Cosmetics

Five students of Universitas Brawijaya, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA UB) found a new method of detecting mercury in whitening cosmetics through the waste of Kopi Dampit’s husk. Mashuri Utama, Revika Julia Murti, Anggita Cahyaningrum, Ari Muchson Fadhila, and Ayu Febriyanti said the abundant presence of Dampit robusta coffee husk waste is still […]

UB Holds Regional ONMIPA

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is the host for the Regional National Olympiad for Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ONMIPA). The activity was held on Thursday to Friday (28/6-29/7) at the OSCE Building, Faculty of Medicine (FK) UB, 7th Floor. Topanal Gustiranda as the Central Committee of the Indonesian Talent Development Center (BPTI) said the ONMIPA event this […]

FMIPA Hold a Series of Competitions to Commemorate the 35th Anniversary

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) held a series of activities to commemorate the 35th Anniversary in order to further increase the intimacy and solidarity between FMIPA academic communities. The chief executive of the activity, Zulfaidah Penata Gama, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D, explained that to enliven the FMIPA anniversary this time, a series of […]

FMIPA Initiates the Development of Alternative Energy in Jabung

Department of Chemistry, FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya (UB) initiates the development of alternative energy in Jabung District, Malang Regency to support the development of energy independent villages through the activity called Lecturer Works (DOKAR). This area was chosen considering that many dairy farms have been developed which dung can be used as alternative energy for biogas. […]

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