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Prosesi Pengambilan Sumpah Dokter Hewan Baru FKH UB

FKH Inaugurates 112 New Veterinarians

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya held the 16th Period of Inauguration and Oath Taking of Veterinarians. In this procession, 112 new Veterinarians were sworn in offline and online on Thursday (26/01/2023) at Samantha Krida Building. Present representing the Rector, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Aulanni’am, drh. DES states that veterinarians are […]

FKH Deploys Students in 103 Points of Slaughtered Animal

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (FKH UB) deploys students at 103 slaughtering points to ensure the health of animals and sacrificial meat in the midst of the Oral and Nail Disease (FMD) epidemic. The health inspectors are spread throughout East Java including Malang City, Batu, Malang Regency, Mojokerjo Regency, Sidoarjo Regency, Lamongan Regency and […]

UB Urges the Public to Not Worry about PMK Outbreak

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) academician, drh. Dyah Ayu Oktavianie, A.P., M. Biotech. urges the public not to worry about an outbreak of Mouth and Nail Disease (PMK) that attacks Livestock in several areas in East Java. “People don’t need to worry since PMK is not a zoonotic disease and until now there has been no case […]

FKH Students were Invited to Get to Know to Veterinarian Profession

Students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) are involved in the committee activities of PORDASI National Championship “Three Crown Cup” Series 1. This activity aims at getting to know more about the Veterinary profession. In the competition held at Ki Ageng Astrojoyo Horse Racing Field, Pasuruan, FKH students who are members of UBE (University […]

 GNRM Participation, UB Socializes the Importance of Vaccination and Animal Welfare

In order to participate in the success of the National Movement for Mental Revolution, Universitas Brawijaya takes the role of being directly involved in providing assistance through Campus Teaching activity. This community service activity was held at MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) Roudlotul Ulum, Pagak District, Malang Regency. For 5 days, students are given education about the […]

FKH Educates People Related to Rodent Borne Disease

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (FKH UB) educates the community of Pucakwangi Village, Babat District, Lamongan Regency regarding the transmission mechanism of disease carried by rats to humans or Rodent Borne Disease, Sunday (15/8/2021). Based on the results of the questionnaire distributed to the heads of families in Pucakwangi Village, in the area there […]

Mahasiswa UB Temukan Potensi Bone Graft dari Limbah Tulang Sapi

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Patah tulang adalah suatu diskontinutas susunan tulang akibat trauma atau keadaan patologis yang disebabkan terputusnya jaringan tulang. Di Indonesia jumlah kasus patah tulang cukup banyak yang disebabkan oleh kecelakaan dan faktor lainnya. Dampak yang diakibatkan patah tulang adalah stress psikologis, cacat fisik bahkan kematian. Salah satu metode […]

FKH UB Held Webinar on the Examination of Sacrificial Animal

After successfully held the Sacrifice Animal Webinar Series 1 several times ago, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (FKH UB) held the Sacrificial Animal Webinar Series 2. The webinar activity with the theme “Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals and Handling Sacrificial Meat that is FOSTER” is intended for the inspector of sacrificial animal and sacrificial meat, […]

FKH Held Webinar on the Slaughtering of Sacrificial Animal According to Health Protocols

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (FKH UB) held a webinar on Slaughtering of Sacrificial Animals according to health protocols, Sunday (11/7/2021). The activity was held to anticipate the number of sacrificial animals being slaughtered but the limited number of Slaughterhouses (RPH) in Indonesia. “According to the data I got, there are about 555 slaughterhouses […]

FKH UB Optimalkan Fasilitas untuk Mahasiswa dan Masyarakat Umum

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan Universitas Brawijaya (FKH UB) yang berlokasi di Puncak Dieng Eksklusif, Kecamatan Dau, Kabupaten Malang, memiliki 13 laboratorium. Yaitu Laboratorium Animal Disease Diagnostic, Laboratorium Biokimia Veteriner, Laboratorium Anatomi dan Histologi Veteriner, Laboratorium Embriologi Veteriner, Laboratorium Farmakologi Veteriner, Laboratorium Fisiologi Veteriner, Laboratorium Klinik Hewan Pendidikan, Laboratorium […]

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