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FISIP Initiates Collaboration with University of Leeds

FISIP Universitas Brawijaya is initiating collaboration with the University of Leeds. Both parties carried out potential collaboration which could be carried out on Thursday (30/5/2024) in the meeting room on the 7th floor of C building FISIP UB. At the initiation of this collaboration, FISIP was represented by the Dean of FISIP, Prof. Anang Sujoko […]

Siswa SMA Daya Utama Bekasi Kunjungi FISIP

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Siswa dan siswi kelas 12 SMA Daya Utama Bekasi mengunjungi Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik (FISIP) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Senin (27/02/24). Kunjungan tersebut dibuka dengan sambutan dari Nur Thoyibah S.E., MM. sebagai Kepala SMA Daya Utama Bekasi. Ia berharap para siswa dan siswi dapat menyimak pemaparan […]

Collaboration between BEM FISIP-iLitterless Increases Students’ Recycling Habits

Since Monday (13/5/2024), the Mini On-Boarding of iLitterless Recycling Station or often referred to as MOBI-RS has been present on the 1st floor of B Building, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Brawijaya. The MOBI-RS procurement project is part of the Si Darling or FISIP Environmental Awareness work program. This work program is […]

UB Government Science Conducts Collaborative Actions to Prevent Child Violence in the School Environment

The community service team from the Government Science Study Program Universitas Brawijaya led by Tia Subekti S.IP., MA, together with Irma Fitriana Ulfah, S.IP., M.Si and five other students carried out community service activities with the theme of collaborative action in efforts to prevent violence to children in the school environment at SDN Tunjungsekar 4 […]

Billboard Campaign Brings International Relation Student Becomes Finalist of the 2023/2024 Djarum Plus Scholarship Essay Contest

Another achievement from International Relations students at Brawijaya University (HI UB). This time, a student whose full name is Satria Wijaya showed his ability to write argumentative essays in the Surabaya Regional Essay Contest competition held by Djarum Plus Scholarship for the 2023/2024 period. Through his writing, Satria presents a critical review of the placement […]

Departement of Sociology FISIP Improves Ecological Insight for Elementary School Students

Humans are increasingly faced with many ecological problems that require solutions from various parties. In order to face these challenges, the community service team from the Department of Sociology, FISIP UB, carried out outreach activities on ecological insight to create environmentally friendly behavior in elementary school students. This educational activity was held on Monday (29/4/2024) […]

The Importance of Introducing Body Parts From an Early Age, This Done by the Psychology Team

UB Psychology Team chose to introduce body parts from an early age so that children understand which parts of the body cannot be touched or can be touched, as well as whether they can or cannot be seen. This can be seen in the community service carried out by UB Psychology team, Thursday (28/3/2024) at […]

UB Psychology Team Teaches Negative Emotional Regulation from an Early Age

The Brawijaya University Psychology Community Service Team believes that children need to be taught emotional regulation from an early age. Because of this, they are doing community service at Insan Permata 2 Kindergarten Malang City starting March 27-28 2024. UB Psychology community service team, Dita Rachmayani, S.Psi., M.A, said that at the age of 4-5 […]

Psychology Team Introduces Emotional Understading to Kindergarten Students

The Psychology Team held community service activities for Permata Iman 2 Kindergarten students, Malang City, Wednesday (27/3/2024) with the theme “Understanding Emotions”. One of the team representatives, Cleoputri Al Yusainy, S.Psi., M.Psi., Ph.D, revealed that the theme of understanding emotions was chosen so that her party could provide education about what emotions are, how emotions […]

Exploring Faith, Spirituality, and the Needs of Modern Humans with Prof. Ali Maksum

Prof. Dr. Ali Maksum, M.Ag., M.Si. explained the study on the theme of Faith, Spirituality and the Needs of Modern Humans at Ngabuburit FISIP – ISSC activity held by the Islamic Social Science Community (ISSC) FISIP, Wednesday (20/3/2024), . In the material presented, he connected the social reality that occurs in society with three major […]

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