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Help Developing Technology- Based Entrepreneurship, FILKOM Students Develop Healthy Internet in Plandi Village

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya who are members of Group 23 of Real Work Lectures (KKN) consisting of 30 students with supervisors Tibyani, S.T., M.T and Activity Coordinator Lecturer Dwija Wisnu Brata, S.ST., M.T. stive to help improving the economy in Plandi Village, Wonosari District, through the use of technology. They […]

Pelepasan Mahasiswa Program Magang Industri dan Studi Independen Bersertifikat (MSIB) Kampus Merdeka Tahun 2021

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Brawijaya melepas sebanyak 68 mahasiswa yang terpilih dalam mengikuti Program Magang Industri dan Studi Independen Bersertifikat (MSIB) Kampus Merdeka Tahun 2021. Acara pelepasan mahasiswa ini dipimpin langsung oleh Dekan bersama seluruh pimpinan Dekanat FILKOM pada hari Rabu (24/8/2021) secara daring melalui Zoom. Perlu […]

Dean of FILKOM Officially Announces the Kick Off KKN

The Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya officially opens the KKN Filkom UB Kick Off event, Tuesday (3/8/2021). Since it is still in a pandemic atmosphere, KKN activities are carried out online to protect the students’ health and safety also the public from COVID-19 transmission. The Kick Off event was carried out […]

Peletakan Batu Pertama “Edutech Garden Filkom UB”

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Dekan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer,. Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D meresmikan peletakan batu pertama pembangunan Edutech Garden Filkom, Jum’at (23/07/2021). Kagiatan ini dihadiri juga oleh jajaran Pimpinan Dekanat beserta Jurusan dengan tetap menerapkan protokol Kesehatan. Edutech Garden sudah dipersiapkan dari tahun 2020 dan nantinya akan menjadi fasilitas […]

Sampai Berjumpa Kembali Di LKTIM Dekan Cup FILKOM 2022

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Berakhir sudah rangkaian acara Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Mahasiswa (LKTIM) Dekan Cup 2021 dengan menghadirkan Juara baru. Acara penutupan dan pengumuman pemenang dilaksanakan pada hari Jum’at (6/8/2021) secara daring melalui Zoom dan disiarkan secara langsung melalui Official Youtube Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UB. Pengumuman Juara LKTIM dihadiri oleh […]

UB Students Experience Teaching in Border Area through Independent Learning Program

The Independent Learning Program is implemented in Universitas Brawijaya (UB) for one year. There are many benefits that can be taken from the program, one of them is increasing teaching experience at the border and remote area. The Coordinator of Academic Section, Heri Prawoto explained that there are many activities carried out by UB’s students […]

FILKOM Student Affairs Launches PORSKI

Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya through the Student Affairs, created the Student Affairs Information Portal (PORSKI), this web-based page that is integrated with the google form feature. The ideas of PORSKI came from Hermawan Dwi Putra, S.H., M.H as an educational staff for the student affairs department and guidance from Dyah Anggraeni, S.E as […]

Guest Lecture of Digital Financial Technology Startup Company 3.5

Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science, UB, held a guest lecture with the theme Digital Financial Technology Startup Companies 3.5 on Friday (30/4/2021) online through Zoom and followed by 70 participants. The speaker in this activity is Adityas Kemal Fakhruddin M.Kom., MIM who is the Head of Non-PDAM Product at Bima Sakti Alterra […]

The Inauguration of Algoritma Auditorium of FILKOM UB

In connection with the completion of the construction of Algoritma Auditorium, Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya (FILKOM UB), an inauguration was carried out by the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS. (17/3/2021). The inauguration ceremony was also attended by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. drh. Aulanni’am, […]

GDP Labs Guest Lecture: Cracking The Coding Interview

The Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya in collaboration with PT. Sumber Cipta Multiniaga conducted a guest lecture entitled Cracking The Coding Interview which was filled by GDP Labs. This activity was carried out online on Tuesday (2/3/2021) through Zoom because it is still in a Covid-19 pandemic situation. The number of participants in this […]

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