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Doctoral Service Team of FCS UB Develops a Tourism Area Based on Culture and Local Wisdom of Kampung Biru Arema

The Doctoral Service Team the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) which is chaired by Hamamah, Ph.D., with members Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, S.E., DEA., Fredy Nugroho Setiawan, M.Hum., and Rizki Nufiarni, M.A., assist the development of a tourist area based on culture and local wisdom to improve the economy of the community […]

Dr. Hipolitus Kristoforus Kewuel

FCS UB Supports Halal Tourism in Batu Tourism City

  The 2020 Doctoral Research Grant Scheme from Universitas Brawijaya (UB) motivates Dr. Hipolitus Kristoforus Kewuel, a lecturer of the Study Program of Anthropology and Dr. Sigit Parwoto, a lecturer of the Study Program of French Language and Literature to explore support for the implementation of halal tourism in Batu Tourism City. This motivation was […]

Workshop on the Development Stage of the School Literacy Movement at the Lentera Pengharapan Christian Elementary School, YBPK Malang

Lentera Pengharapan Christian Elementary School YBPK (SDKr YBPK) Ngaglik, Malang is one of the elementary schools which is a place of learning for children, especially those from the Sukun District, Malang City. Based on the results of observations in 2019, the literacy level of these school students is categorized as early literacy. These conditions prompted […]

The Closing Ceremony of Darmasiswa RI Program FCS UB 2019/2020

Right together with the 11th Anniversary of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), the Darmasiswa RIProgram was closed. Taking place in the FCS A Building Hall on Monday (8/10/2020) the event was held offline which was attended by all Darmasiswa RI Program students who still stay in Indonesia along with dean and […]

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