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Hosting Student Exchange, FIA UB Invites Malaysian and Chinese Students to Play Gamelan

For the first time in their lives, six students from Malaysia and China played gamelan. This traditional Javanese musical instrument was introduced to them as part of a student exchange program organized by the Faculty of Administrative Science at Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) on Thursday (May 23). In addition to playing gamelan, they were also […]

Implementing the 3 in 1 Program, Sarjana’s Program in Educational Administration Invites Foreign Professor to Visit Islamic Boarding School

As part of the “3 in 1 Program” organized by the Sarjana’s Program in Educational Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB), a team of lecturers and students visited the Bahrul Maghfiroh Islamic Boarding School in Malang on Tuesday (May 14). The group was warmly received by the caretaker of Bahrul Maghfiroh, Prof. […]

Business Administration Department is Officially Accredited by IACBE: First in Indonesia

Dean of the Faculty of Administration Sciences at Brawijaya University (FIA UB) received the honor of directly receiving accreditation certificates from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) in the United States on Wednesday (8/5). The certificate, which was awarded for the first time to a university in Indonesia, was handed directly to the […]

Discovering Numerous Shortcomings at SDN 2 Dampit, Education Administration Program of FIA UB Urges Government to Seriously Address Inclusive Education

The Sarjana’s Program of Education Administration Team from the Faculty of Administrative Science at Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) visited State Elementary School 2 Dampit on Thursday (2/5). The visit, besides commemorating National Education Day, was aimed at conducting direct observation and data collection for a research proposal prepared by Jauharah Haniyah. Hani, as she is […]

FIA Receives Visitation from IACBE Assessors

In order to improve the quality of education and achieve international accreditation, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University (FIA UB) received a visit from IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education) assessors. This visit is planned to last for two days, (18/9-19/92023). There were two IACBE assessors who came to the Faculty of Administrative […]

Doktor Mengabdi Program, FIA UB Lecturer Team Help Bersukaria Tour Resurrection

A collaborative initiative to help local businesses in the tourism sector affected by the pandemic, with the name “Doctor Servant (DM)”, was successful on 26-27 June 2023. This event involved a number of academics and business practitioners from various faculties at Universitas Brawijaya who participate in providing innovative solutions for the “Bersukaria Tour” tourism business […]

UB MMD Group 157 Establishes Waste Bank in Permanu Village to Address Waste Problems

The waste problem is still a problem that is difficult to overcome, the production of organic and inorganic household waste continues to increase as the population increases and people’s consumption patterns continue to increase. Therefore, there is a need for special and sustainable handling to overcome these problems as an alternative solution to the waste […]

Improving Elementary and Junior High School Mathematics Teaching, UB MMD Group 160 Presents Geogebra

Education is one of the important foundations that build our country Indonesia. To be able to create the next generation that is superior and able to advance our homeland, it is fitting that students take part in developing a quality and quality education system. Mathematics lessons are one of the important keys in achieving this […]

Raising the Latest Education Issues, HIMADIKA Publishes Edu Magazine

Educational Administration Student Association (HIMADIKA) Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) published a magazine entitled “Edu Magazine”. This is the first magazine issue in the history of the association. Therefore, the magazine is given the pulication number Volume 1, Number 1, year 2023. To the PSIK FIA Team, Chair of HIMADIKA for the […]

Enrico, Mahasiswa UB yang wakili Indonesia pada Youth Forum di Vienna

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Perasaan yang tak terlupakan bagi Enrico Aro Rea Buulolo, Mahasiswa FIA UB yang berkesempatan untuk mengikuti kegiatan tingkat Internasional yang diadakan oleh UNODC dan menjadi satu-satunya delegasi Indonesia yang berangkat ke Vienna, Austria. Berjalan selama 3 hari mulai dari tanggal 13-15 Maret 2023, ia pun menceritakan kisah […]

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