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FH Kembangkan Keterampilan Pengelolaan Jurnal Bagi Dosen dan Tendik

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Badan Pengelola Jurnal (BPJ) Fakultas Hukum Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) mengadakan workshop untuk para dosen dan tenaga kependidikan pengelola jurnal di fakultas untuk memberikan keterampilan tambahan dalam memeriksa dan mengelola jurnal secara efisien. Dalam sambutan yang disampaikan oleh Milda Istiqomah, S.H., MTCP, Ph.D., selaku Wakil Dekan Bidang […]

Journal Management Body of FH UB Held Journal Coaching Clinic

In order to support the professional and academic development of lecturers in the context of research and scientific publications, the Journal Management Board (BPJ) of the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) held a “Journal Coaching Clinic” Monday, (20/11/2023) in meeting room one and meeting room three of the 6th floor of A Building, […]

 FH Academic Community Conducts Health Screening

Welcoming the 61st Anniversary with the tagline ‘Brawijaya Healthy and Dignified’, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held activities in the form of free health checks or health screenings for all UB academics, including lecturers, staff and students. The implementation of health screening activities is carried out in each faculty. The Faculty of Law will carry out this […]

SOP Must Comply with Standards and Easy to Apply

The Quality Assurance Group (GJM) of the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) held a workshop on procedures for preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to improve internal governance, service quality, and achieve predetermined strategic goals. The activity which took place in courtroom 1, Building A, 6th floor of FH, Wednesday (15/11/2023) presented all levels […]

FH PKM Team Introduces Verticulture and “Katokkon” Chilli Planting Method in Sumbermanjing Kulon Village

Brawijaya University students who are members of the Student Creativity Program Team for Community Service (PKM-PM) initiated solutions to problems related to the kitchen spice plant crisis in Sumbermanjing Kulon Village, Pagak District, Malang Regency. The team, consisting of four students from the Faculty of Law, successfully passed the PKM-PM selection and will later be […]

FH Opens International Undergraduate Program Class

Undergraduate students (S1) batch of 2023, Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) received online socialization regarding the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) which is a flagship program from FH UB to provide broad insight into scientific fields both at home and abroad, Thursday (9/11/2023). The activity, which was attended by approximately 145 students, opened with […]

Supporting the Role of Diaspora, FH UB Dokar Team Introduces Free International Legal Assistance in Japan

As one of the tasks of the Tridharma of Higher Education, the Lecturer Works Team (DOKAR) of the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) collaborates with Osaka University and Sariraya Co.Ltd. carry out international community service to Indonesian citizens (WNI) who are in Japan. The DOKAR FH UB team consisting of Rika Kurniaty, S.H., […]

Cyber Notary Berpeluang Dalam Perkembangan Era Globalisasi

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Magister Kenotariatan Brawijaya menyelenggarakan Seminar Nasional dengan mengangkat tema Pelaksanaan Jabatan Notaris Dalam Perkembangan Era Globalisasi yang menghadirkan pemateri yakni Tri Firdaus Akbarsyah, SH., MH, Siti Anggraeni Hapsasi SH., MH, dan Dr. Hanif Nur Widiyanti, Sh., M.Hum, dipandu Dr. Amelia Sri Kusuma Dewi, SH., M.Kn, Kamis, (2/11/2023). […]

FH Collaborates with Indonesian and Australian  Researchers and Practitioners to Discuss the Impact of Global Climate Change

The Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) is once again committed to holding international programs through collaboration programs with universities abroad. This collaboration is carried out through a joint research program between FH UB lecturers and partner university lecturers. In addition to the research sector, workshops, international conferences, general lecturers and student exchange programs […]

FH Akan Buka Kelas Internasional Untuk Program Sarjana

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Fakultas  Hukum  Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) berkomitmen kuat  untuk  mendukung program Internasionalisasi Universitas Brawijaya menjadi World Class University. International  Undergraduate  Program  (IUP)  merupakan  program  tingkat  Sarjana  yang  ditawarkan oleh  Fakultas  Hukum  Universitas  Brawijaya (FH UB) di tahun 2023 dalam  rangka  memenuhi  kebutuhan  tantangan  global menggunakan  media  pengajaran  […]

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