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UB Lecturers and Students Implemet Integrated Farming System in Kemiren Village, Banyuwangi

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) through the Doctoral Service Partnership program has succeeded in implementing Integrated Farming System (IFS) technology in Kemiren Tourism Village, Glagah District, Banyuwangi. The activity, which will be held in June-July 2023, aims to develop sustainable agriculture in the region by using an integrated automated system in a series of integrated systems. The […]

Tim DM Kembangkan Wisata Kampung Lele

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Tim Doktor Mengabdi UB menularkan ilmu gizi dan manajemen keuangan untuk mengembangkan potensi wisata kampung lele di Desa Tales, Kecamatan Ngadiluwih, Kabupaten Kediri Senin (26/7/2023). Tim Doktor Mengabdi yang terdiri dari Dr. Irma Sarita Rahmawati, STP., MP. (Fikes), Rahma Micho Widyanto, S.Si., MP. (Fikes), Annisa Rizky Maulidiana, […]

Tim Doktor Mengabdi UB Dorong Industri Logam Menjadi Produk Unggulan

Doktor Mengabdi Team Encourages the Metal Industry to Become a Superior Product

The lecturers from Universitas Brawijaya (UB), who are members of the Doktor Mengabdi (DM) Team,  hold community service activities to encourage the potential of the metal industry in Gondang Village, Gondang District, Tulungagung Regency, to become superior products. The people in the village located 117 KM from Malang City are known as producers or craftsmen […]

DM Team Educates Partner Breeders Regarding to the Danger of FMD

Doctoral ServiceTeam (UB) chaired by Prof.Dr.Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, MS with drh. Widi Nugroho, Ph.D, Dr. Ir. Kuswati, M.S., Prof. Dr. Ir. Tri Eko Susilorini, M.P., Wike Andre Septian, S.Pt., M.Si; Rini Dwi Wahyuni, M.Sc., S.Pt., MP, provided education about the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) to farmers at the Al Fatih Islamic […]

The DOKAR Team of Agribusiness Study Program of PSDKU Kediri Initiates Collaboration with Kyoto University

Lecturer Works (Dokar) Team of Agribusiness Study Program of PSDKU UB Kediri Universitas Brawijaya is exploring cooperation with Kyoto University to improve the quality of education and research to be recognized internationally. The Lecturer Team consisting of Dr. Ir. Rita Parmawati, SP., ME., IPU., ASEAN Eng., (Team Leader), Dr. Dwi Retno Andriani, SP., MP (KPS […]

Assisting TPS 3R Tumpang Lestari in Maggot Cultivation Efforts for Fisheries

Doctoral Service Program of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) in partnership with the Integrated Waste Management Site (TPST) 3R Tumpang Lestari Malang providing assistance for maggot cultivation in dry form, construction of a 3x4m2 pond and implementation of socialization on maggot and budikdamber (Fish Cultivation in a bucket). The Doctoral Service (DM) activity was assisted by six […]

Intensify Young Farmers, DM UB Team Collaborates with P4S Bumiaji

Agriculture is a source of food for human survival. Unfortunately, the regeneration of agricultural workers in Indonesia is currently running very slowly. Most of the workers in agriculture are over 44 years old. The BPS survey in 2018 showed that only 12% of farmers were under 34 years of age. The data shows that not […]

DM Team Improves Grouper Production Safety through Solar

Doctoral Service Team Universitas Brawijaya (UB) consisting of Muhammad Fauzan Edy Purnomo, Ph.D, Akhmad Zainuri, MT (FT), Bambang Semedi, Ph.D, Dhira K. Saputra, M.Sc (FPIK) and Supriyono, M. AB (FIA UB), M.Sc developed a solar-based floating net cage (KJA) monitoring device, to increase the safety of grouper production. Head of the Pokmaswas Gili Bahari, H. […]

Doktor Mengabdi Program Increases Tourism Potential in Pelawan Forest

Having successfully helped the community develop tourism potential in Namang Village through Pelawan Tea, the Doktor Mengabdi Team from Universitas Brawijaya (UB) in collaboration with the Central Bangka Regency Government is again innovating through honey suction zones and the Pelawan mushroom comic. The inauguration of the Pelawan Kelulut Honey Suction Zone was held on Monday, October 10, […]

UB DM Team Develops Jaran Kencak Traditional Art as a Tourism Feature in Ranuyoso Village, Lumajang

One of the community empowerment programs that is covered in the work of the Universitas Brawijaya Doctoral Service (DM UB) Team chaired by Hamamah, Ph.D., the Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), is to explore the potential of Lumajang’s traditional arts to be sustained and promoted as part of tourism features in the […]

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