FMIPA Initiates the Development of Alternative Energy in Jabung

Department of Chemistry, FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya (UB) initiates the development of alternative energy in Jabung District, Malang Regency to support the development of energy independent villages through the activity called Lecturer Works (DOKAR). This area was chosen considering that many dairy farms have been developed which dung can be used as alternative energy for biogas. […]

FILKOM Helps Dawuhan Village to become Developing Village

Faculty of Computer Science UB (FILKOM UB) conducts a 2021 Lecturer Works (Dokar) in Dawuhan Village, Poncokusumo District, Malang Regency. This activity aims to show that Dawuhan Village, Poncokusumo District, Malang Regency has risen from the status of underdeveloped village to an underdeveloped village that is starting to develop and strengthens MUGI BAROKAH BUMDES organization […]

The Meeting between LPPM UB and Situbondo Regional Government Discuss the Sustainability of Doctoral Service Program in Merak Hamlet

The Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) promotes Doctoral Service activities at Merak Hamlet, Sumberwaru Village, Banyuputih District – Situbondo Regency. The activity involved Lecturers from across majors, including Dr. Anang Lastriyanto (Faculty of Agricultural Technology), Dr.Agr.Sc. Dimas Firmanda Al Riza (Faculty of Agricultural Technology), Anggun Trisnanto Hari Susilo, Ph.D. (Faculty […]

Dokar Seruni in Community Health Empowerment through the ISUK Program in Bugel Village, Sekaran, Lamongan

The lecturers of the Study Program of Fine Arts, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) are involved in the activities held in Lamongan in October 2021. Nur Iksan, The Chief of the Seruni Dosen Berkarya (Dokar) Team, explained that this activity is part of the Dokar Program FCS UB. This activity, initiated by […]

Dosen FMIPA Dampingi Diskominfo Menjadi Wali Data Statistik Sektoral

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Tim Dosen Jurusan Statistika FMIPA Universitas Brawijaya (UB) menjadi tenaga ahli di Dinas Kominfo Kabupaten Malang dalam mewujudkan kewenangannya menjadi Wali Data Statistik Sektoral. Wali data merupakan sebuah unit yang bertugas melakukan kegiatan pengumpulan, pemeliharaan, dan pemutakhiran data serta melakukan pertukaran dan penyebarluasan data. Pengumpulan data statistik […]

‘DOKAR UB’ Teaches Improvement Branding Strategy to LP Ma’arif Jatim

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB) in collaboration with Nahdatul Ulama (NU) held a Lecturer Work Activity (DOKAR) in the form of Webinar of Branding Improvement through Digital Communications to Reach Millennial Audiences in East Java, Friday (17/9/2021). Lecturer of Communication, Dr Bambang Dwi Prasetyo, MSi explained the role of […]

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