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Bupati Pasuruan Angkat Tema Kopi dalam Disertasinya

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Bupati Pasuruan Irsyad Yusuf mengangkat tema perkopian dalam orasi disertasinya dihadapan sejumlah penguji. Sidang disertasi Gus Irsyad berjudul “Pengembangan Kopi Kapiten Dalam Membangun Brand Kabupaten Pasuruan Sebagai Daerah/Kawasan Agropolitan”, dilakukan pada Jumat (20/5/2022) di Gedung Widyaloka UB. Dalam disertasinya Gus Irsyad memaparkan bahwa Pemerintah Kabupaten Pasuruan sebagai […]

The Integration of the Development of Beef Cattle and Food Crops in Gorontalo Regency

The demand for local beef in Indonesia has increased every year. However, its availability has not been able to meet the consumer needs which reached 663,290 tons/year, based on 2016 BPS data. This is because the rate of demand cannot be matched by an increase in population and an increase in production. Therefore, the opportunity […]

Sprouts Giving for the Repairment of Semen in Free Range Chicken

Free-range chicken is native Indonesian chicken which has strategic potential to be improved. Since it has the advantage of being more tolerant of simple feed, adaptable to the environment, and has a stronger resistance to disease attacks. However, this potential must be balanced with productivity optimization which is determined by the quality of semen. Because […]

Dadap Leaf Flour Bio-fermentation as an Alternative Feed for Swine Farming

Swine farming is one of the efforts that can support government programs in meeting the needs of animal food to improve the nutrition of Indonesian people. Although most Indonesian people do not consume products derived from pork, pork is a contributor to the country’s foreign exchange. Because it is an export commodity to Philippines, Thailand, […]

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