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Foto pengunjung Memadati Brawijaya Career Expo

5789 Participants Crowding the 2024 Brawijaya Career Expo

A total of 5789 participants crowding the Samantha Krida Building to take part in Brawijaya Career Expo 2024, for two days (9/5-10/5/2024). Director of the Career and Alumni Development Directorate, Karuniawan Puji Wicaksono, S.P., M.P., Ph.D. explained that this Brawijaya Career Expo was attended by 55 companies, banks and international institutions that provided educational scholarships. […]

DPKA Conducts Tracer Study to Trace Three Years Back Graduates

The Directorate of Career and Alumni Development (DPKA) from (27/4/2023) until the end of 2023 will carry out a Tracer Study to find information on the dynamics and transitions to the world of work for alumni. UB’s Tracer Study in 2023 has a target to track graduates in the past three years. Head of Alumni […]

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