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Baziz UB Shares Mutual Allowance

On Monday (17/4/2023) BAZIS Universitas Brawijaya (UB) carried out an activity of giving religious holiday allowance (THR) to some of UB’s employees in the Rectorate Building, Corridor Floor 1. Director of BAZIS UB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso MP said that on this occasion BAZIS UB wants to share with people in UB. Previously, BAZIS […]

Sinergi Bazis, Satgas dan EM UB untuk Support Isoman Sivitas

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Untuk membantu pemulihan sivitas saat sedang isolasi mandiri, Satuan Tugas Covid-19 Universitas Brawijaya bekerja sama dengan Badan Amil Zakat Sedekah dan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Universitas Brawijaya menyalurkan paket bantuan isoman. Bantuan ini diberikan secara periodik sejak awal Maret 2022. Menurut dr. Ayunda Dwi Jayanti Jilan Putri selaku tim […]

Bazis UB Help Renovating the Islamic Teacher’s House

The Agency of Zakat Infaq and Shodaqoh (Bazis UB) again builds concern for others. This includes providing a proper place to live for Qur’an teacher whose house is used for TPQ (Qur’an Education Palce). This is done by Prof. Ir. Imam Santoso. MP, Director of Bazis UB during the handover of house renovation assistance for […]

Bazis UB Distributes Assistance in the form of Business Fund for Dhuafa

The Agency of Amil, Zakat, Infaq and Shadaqah Universitas Brawijaya (Bazis UB) distributes revolving business fund assistance for poor people around campus, Sunday (5/12/2021). This distribution is in collaboration with Tanwir Al Afkar Student Islamic Boarding School. In this distribution, a total of IDR 5,000,000 was distributed to the poor. Director of Bazis UB, Prof. […]

BAZIS UB Quick Action Helps Flood Victim of Batu-Malang

Responding to the flash flood that hit parts of Batu City and Malang City on Thursday (4/11/2021), Universitas Brawijaya through the Agency of Amil Zakat Infaq Sedekah UB has provided assistance to affected communities. This assistance was provided from Friday to Monday at several affected locations. In Malang City, the distribution of this asisstance was […]

The Existence of BAZIS UB in the Month of Ramadhan

As a form of concern for the community as well as to enliven the blessed month of Ramadan, Universitas Brawijaya through the Amil Zakat Infaq and Sodaqoh Board (BAZIS) held several humanitarian programs. One of the programs that are well known to the public is warung berkah. This shop is located right in front of […]

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