The 2005 T-Ronk by Himadata

Regeneration is a process that is regarded as turning point for future of organization sustainability. In addition, existence of the members need to be provided with organization insight and leadership skill so that they are able to realize a great, strong and professional organization. This was the background for “Himpunan Mahasiswa Budidaya Pertanian (Himadata) to organize an event called “The 2005 T-Ronk Himadata”. T-Ronk stands for Training Keorganisasian dan Kepemimpinan (Organization and Leadership) with the theme of “Shaping Himadata Generations with organization and Leadership Skill”.

The event was held on January 8th-9th, 2005 with the objective to preparing Himadata generation with organization and leadership insight, stabilizing ability and members’ skill and also strengthen confraternity between Himadata members. T-Ronk is expected to be opened by Head of Agriculture Cultivation Department, Dr. Ir. Agus Surjanto, MS and followed by all the apprentice staff, Himadata executives and Himadata members that are located in Keraton, Gunung Kawi, Kromengan Sub-district, Malang Regency. There were three types of activities namely delivery of materials including “siraman rohani”, kehimadataan” and “events management”, discussion of materials delivered and outbound. [SN/translated by denok]


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