SWAG Solves Environmental Problems

Team of SWAG Maker of Engineering Faculty UBFreshmen of Civil Engineering Department 2016, Faculty of Engineering (FT) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) offer a solution to many environmental problems. Introducing Siphonic Drainage with Water Sterilizer and Electricity Generator, as known as SWAG. This system is quite multifunctional.

SWAG can minimize flooding through absorption wells, produce raw water for bath, wash, and toilet, reducing leakage through the roof siphonic drainage, generating electricity through the piezoelectric reserve, and it also cheap and has easy installation and maintenance.

This idea comes from five freshmen who want to solve the problem they’ve found. Dimas Januar Arthayoga Bendesa led his four friends; Kusuma Putri Wahyu Abadi, Moch. Aldin Cendekiawan Putra, Bayu Indra Pambudi, and M. Ahmes Avisiena Helvin to join their idea together and create SWAG.

“We want to offer a solution to the public problem such as clean water, electricity savings, and flooding. At first, each of us looking for creative ideas that can solve those problems, and then we combined our ideas together as one system, SWAG.” said Dimas, the team leader.

SWAG is built by three main systems. The first system is siphonic roof drainage. It was a place on the roof, in the drainpipe. The rainwater that pooled in the drainpipe will be sucked by the siphon and channeled into the existing pipe. In the other end of the pipe placed the second system, the electricity generator.

This second system consists of two main tools, piezoelectric and battery. The rain water entered the pipe will then hit the piezoelectric and converted into electrical energy and stored in batteries. The water then channeled into a storage tank, so it won’t caused the flood. In the tank there lays the third system, water sterilizer. The sterilized water stored can be used for bathing, washing and toilet needs. If the tank is full, the water will discharge into the recharge wells, so it will not overload the drainage outside and could minimize flooding.

“We receive so many inputs from the senior and of course Mr. Indradi. We work together for this project, and I’m quite proud of this team, we have a very good teamwork, that’s why we can get this far and even get the second place in PKM-GT,” said Dimas proud of his team guided by Dr. Eng. Indradi Wijatmiko, S.T., M. Eng.(Prac) won the Silver Medal in the Student Creativity Program (PKM) Rector Cup 2017. (mic/Humas UB)