An Oath Doctors the Period of January

As many as ten new doctors graduated from judicium in 9 December 2004, on Thursday (6/1) taken oaths n biomedical building Medical Faculty Universitas Brawijaya. Compulsory ceremony that attended by the faculty leaders, head of local general hospital Dr. Saiful Anwar, and family of doctors who are sworn. Until today the number of doctors who graduated are 2807 and distributed throughout a region in the country.

In his speech, Dean dr. Harijanto, MSPH stated that recently, doctor education in Indonesia is n transition process from the old education system into the new one which should be implemented in 2007. This reshuffle, according to Harijanto is very urgent, especially after the meeting of international Physician education institution federation in the 2003 Copenhagen, which discuss about profession challenge of physician in the 21st century. Plus with free trade that unstoppable. When the doctors are not provided with skill to access information on medical science and technology and also mastering international language, may not be able to compete with physicians from other countries. The largest negative impact will be perceived by doctors in poor countries either in Africa or Asia. World Health Organization (WHO) in 2004-2007 has given fund donations to Directorate General of Higher Education to upgrade doctor education system in Indonesia. After 2007, WHO will have accreditation in all profession in the world, and Indonesia as part of the world, is inseparable of this thing. Meanwhile, Director of local general hospital dr. Aman Ardjito Endarso, SKM in his written speech stated his concern of many negative news in mass media about health worker, physician, nurse and hospital officer. As well as his concern into the increasing of fade, good manner into partners, fellow peers as well as other hospital officers and lack of doctor’s empathy into patients. The ten doctors taken fealty are dr. Lukitaning Puspita, dr. Hendri Hastuti, dr. Oktavia Wahyu, dr. Siti Nurul Muzayyanah, dr. Esti Purwaningrum, dr. Jeffry A. Muslim, dr. Priscillia Myriarda, dr. Puspa Rianasari, dr. Sri Wahyuningsih and dr. Zaldy Zaimi. [translated by denok]


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