Student Exchange of FCS UB with BUFS South Korea

Cha Jihyeon, FCS UB’s Exchange Student from Busan University of Foreign Studies
Cha Jihyeon, FCS UB’s Exchange Student from Busan University of Foreign Studies

In 2022, LBEKRAF (Language and Creative Economy Services) Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) implements a pilot project collaboration with BUFS (Busan University of Foreign Studies) in the field of student and cultural exchange programmes. BUFS is a private university located in Gemsaem-ro, 485 beon-gil, Geumjong-gu, Busan, South Korea. Based on Asian University Rankings, BUFS ranks #501-550.

The BUFS student who has the opportunity this year is Cha Jihyeon. She came to Indonesia on Friday (11/4/2022). She is a student of the International Trade Department class of 2019. She does a sit-in on several subjects at FCS UB, including Sociolinguistics, Indonesian People and Culture, Art Anthropology, Pragmatics, and Traditional Creation Art.

She attends lectures in these classes to get first-hand experience with what it’s like to study in Indonesia. In addition, she wants to interact face-to-face with lecturers and FCS UB students.

Moreover, these BUFS students will have the opportunity to go on an outing to visit several important landmarks in Malang and its surroundings, such as the Brawijaya Museum, Mpu Purwa Museum, Singosari Temple, and Bromo Mountain. She will live in Indonesia for a year, which means she will attend lectures for two semesters.

Cha Jihyeon will also be an assistant in Korean language course classes held by LBEKRAF. So that she can gain new experiences on how to teach Korean to non-natives and learn to interact with the general public. The participants of the course are not only UB students.

FCS UB IRO (International Office) staff, Adhinova said that the character of this bilateral cooperation is reciprocal. So, FCS UB’s students will also get the same opportunity to study directly at BUFS. The requirements for FCS UB students to take part in this programme are to have a TOEFL Paper Based Test score of 500 and Korean Language certification, namely TOPIK at least level 3.

The programme is opened twice a year, for the spring semester, which starts in March-June with maximum registration in December. As for the fall semester, registration is around June-July with programme time from September to December.

Grantee students will be exempted from tuition fees, but flight tickets and living expenses as well as student dormitories are borne personally. Students will receive credit transfers during the programme and the courses taken are six courses with one compulsory subject from the Indonesian Language Department. [dts]