SRB UB Holds Evaluation of the Establishment of Integrity Zone in 2023

Discussion and Evaluation Sessions on each area of change

The Bureaucratic Reform Unit, Brawijaya University (UB) held an Integrity Zone (IZ) Establishment Evaluation activity in 2023 with the theme “Approaching a Corruption-Free Area/Clean Serving Bureaucratic Area”, at the Singhasari Resort on February 26 2024. This event was attended by various parties including the Chair of Bureaucratic Reform Unit, Integrity Zone Coordinator, and the entire Brawijaya University Integrity zone team (IZ Team).

In his speech, the Head of the Bureaucratic Reform Unit, Ngesti Dwi Prasetyo S.H., M.Hum, emphasized the importance of this evaluation in fulfilling the integrity zone criteria that have been established at Brawijaya University. He conveyed two main points that were the main focus in this evaluation.

First, the rhythm of implementing the integrity zone, which is the new rhythm of Higher Education that must be adapted by the university. Second, it is related to the maturity value at the end of each year for each work unit that will be issued.

“The new Performance Agreement, between the Rector and the Minister, is a performance agreement of at least 50 percent, which includes the launching and development of IZ at the University level in all existing work units,” said Ngesti.

“There are two synergies in 2024, the first is related to the real development of Integrity Zones from post-assessment, and the second is aligning with action plans related to strengthening the integrity ecosystem of State Universities,” said Ngesti.

Furthermore, Brawijaya University Integrity Zone Coordinator, Dr. Dodyk Pranowo, STP. M.Sc., in his report conveyed several things related to the assessment mechanism that need to be considered.

Thus, evaluating the construction of the 2023 Integrity Zone at Brawijaya University is very important in evaluating and formulating strategic steps to improve integrity in the campus environment.

On the same occasion, the Assessment Team assessed the Integrity Zone Evaluation Worksheet Document. (WDD/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)