UB Sociology Makes New Experience, Implement Fun Learning Outside the Classroom

More than 50 UB Sociology students from two different classes carried out the learning process outside the classroom for the Applied Research Management (MRT) subject at the Gazebo Raden Wijaya Universitas Brawijaya, Monday (29/5/2023).

This course is one of the compulsory practicum courses for UB Sociology students. Therefore, the sixth semester students of UB Sociology are required to carry out fieldwork assignments in four different villages in Malang Regency area (Jatiguwi, Gondowangi, Sukowilangun, and Sumberdem Villages) for four days, Thursday (11/5/2023) to Sunday (14 /5/2023) ago.

Ahmad Imron Rozuli, S.E., M.Sc., lecturer in the MRT course explained that the focus of this course study relates to institutional development, identification of social problems in the community, carrying capacity or potential of local wisdom possessed by each village community, to design solution community empowerment program.

“Then students are assigned to make video reports and posters which are uploaded to individual Instagram social media, so that the targets for institutional development and empowerment of each village can be raised,” explained Imron on the same occasion.

According to him, the process of holding lectures outside the classroom is a breakthrough by providing a number of memorable experiences for students.

“This lecture is held outside the FK Gazebo, so that students are not trapped in the rhythm of learning in class,” continued Imron.

This out-of-class lecture provides an opportunity for students from the 12 participating groups to present their findings from the field trip along with the design ideas for community empowerment programs in the target village in various interesting infographic forms. For example, for a village that has problems with empowerment in the waste management sector due to a lack of attention from the local village government, a program has been designed to find a solution. (Alif/Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)