Socialization of Female Peer Friends Website

The Community Service Team from the Midwifery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (FKUB) on this occasion carried out activities packaged with the theme “Website Socialization of Female Peer Friends” which was held on Saturday (9/9/2023) in the Auditorium, GPP FKUB .

The Chief Executive of the Community Service Socialization of the Female Peer Friends Website, Mustika Dewi, SST., M. Keb., said that, we see that the younger students at FKUB are part of today’s teenagers who need to receive special attention regarding their mental health. In the future, they will become figures of medical and health personnel who will enter society. Therefore, they must be healthy themselves first before making other people or society healthy, she said. The community service team consists of Mega Ulfah SST., M.Keb., Ningrum Paramita Sari, S.Keb., Bd., M.Biomed, and several students.

In this activity, our target is FK UB students from the Medicine Study Program, Pharmacy Study Program and Midwifery Study Program. They are generation Z teenagers with inherent characteristics such as having very high creativity and innovation, but are quite fragile in facing challenges, busy activity schedules, especially in the event of failure. So, we try to make this activity so that they can be more focused, directed, and if they experience psychological problems they know what to do.

“Furthermore, this socialization aims to use the website for female peers as a medium for consultation and education, so that it is hoped that in the future, if there are problems that occur among female students in particular and young women in general, they can immediately visit this website and we will help in finding solutions,” she explained.

We need to continuously provide promotive and preventive health services to every teenager. This activity is carried out to provide support and attention to students (especially women) in the form of mental health education and its influence on reproductive health on campus. Recently, many aspects that influence health, especially mental health problems for generation Z born between 1995 and 2010, are currently being hotly discussed on social media.


(An4nk FKUB PR/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)